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Biocube Technologies, Inc., a company with its operational headquarters in Gurgaon, India, recently developed state-of-the-art CCTV-based face biometric solutions that are transforming global organizations. The company recently created a contactless attendance management system that can integrate with CCTV/ IP cameras.

The cutting-edge solution is powered by artificial intelligence and recognizes people when they enter or exit the organization’s premises. With this new invention, Biocube has eased the hassles of end users’ attendance and ensured their presence on the premises.

Moreover, the use of face recognition technology with pre-installed security cameras helps organizations track worker movements and detect on-premise working hours while optimizing camera capabilities. 

The CCTV-based attendance management systems help to learn about the common time defaulters and overtimers without the requirement of keeping tabs. The advancements have also shifted the need from manual dependency on supervisors to technological solutions that run frictionlessly without requiring human intervention or off hours. 

With these new-age solutions, the company is enabling enterprises to become more compliance-oriented and making sure that the employees are working during the allocated hours and shifts. The solution can easily integrate with a payroll management system and empower the finance department with accurate time and attendance records to issue correct payroll, especially for contractual workers. 

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Moreover, the solutions come with a real-time notification system, i.e., the AI-powered CCTV camera system sends email alerts without any delay, removing the need to check attendance records constantly. Another upside to it is the reduced IT helpdesk tickets for regularizing time records. 

Besides this, the company’s CCTV-based technology can upscale into access management. With this innovation, organizations can secure their restricted areas with face biometrics. All it requires is integration with a door access control system. In addition to this, this CCTV-based technology enhances video surveillance capabilities with body posture, intrusion, and object detection. The solution is completely contactless and customizable and comes with the possibility of generating security alerts upon detecting anomalies. 

Post-pandemic, many organizations have undertaken precautions to make premises more hygienic. So, the CCTV system achieves this goal by making attendance and access management completely contactless.

Moreover, if AI-powered technology has a rule to determine the number of excessive users at a location, it will trigger an alert for administrators under the crowd detection scenario. Biocube’s CCTV-based solutions are certainly upgrading the normal surveillance camera capabilities and showcasing a prosperous future across multiple industries.

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