Next-Gen Bio Identity for Verified Partner Onboarding, Bidding for Service, & Tamperproof Bio-authentication-based Secure Service Delivery
Gig Economy

Online contractors who still have the credentials of their previous clients make company accounts vulnerable to hacking, as most of them don’t follow the rigid security protocols after completing their contracts. Moreover, online accounts are secured with complicated passwords and contractors often neglect password hygiene, which is a major concern for companies. Biocube’s next-gen biometric identity solutions verify the ID of the delivery partner, individual contractors, and others with biometrics and source/AI-drive verification, leaving no risk to security and simultaneously revamping the convenience of the end user.

Traditional use of biometrics in the gig economy:
Gig Economy
Leveraging Trust and Convenience into the Gig Economy with Bio-IDs
Gig Economy

Self-onboarding & Verification of Delivery Partner with Zero Physical Infra

Delivery partner profile creation with biometrics and identity details in self-service mode. The digital onboarding process ensures zero paper-based documentation and revamps security with multimodal biometrics and zero human intervention during checks.

Biometric Auth at Each Gig - Zero Impersonation & Enhanced Security

Verification of the identity directly from the source with online background verification for seamless remote onboarding. AI-driven risk assessment and real-time profile updates. No chance of spoofing as the system requires real-time authentication at each gig.

Bid & Ask Platform for Service - Real-Time Price Discovery & Deal Making

A simultaneous view of all available services & service providers based on preferences. Customers and delivery partners have the option to place bids & change them with a simple swipe up/down. Real-time pricing & translation for maximizing profits & native language chat.

Predictive AI-driven Security & Marketing Analytics with Zero CAPEX

A comprehensive user profile with identity, financial, social, transaction & on-app details. Deep learning algorithms remotely poll user data on devices for trends without data retrieving or storing. One-on-one offers customization based on real-time user profiles and actions.

Personalized Offers on the App & Delivering Unmatched User Experience

High acceptance probability ads, based on user profile and action, are served on the app for both upselling & cross-selling products or services. Enhanced user experience to ensure temporary relevant offers to drive experience (and sales).

Zero Upfront Cost and A Range of Pay-As-You-Go Products & Services

Biocube’s hardware-agnostic AI is easy to integrate with an app doesn’t require additional CAPEX for installation and can be rolled out instantaneously. The company will incur charges based on transactions, enabling an instant measurable ROI.