Bio-ID Based KYC - Interoperable, Adaptable, & Compliant

Biocube’s BioKYC is a self-service solution for resolving banks’ and financial institutions’ Customer Due Diligence (CDD) journey and offering an enhanced user onboarding experience. Driven through AI, it securely links biometrics to Know Your Customer (KYC) documents and eliminates the need for an agent and paper-based proof verification. The strong interoperable solution minimizes money laundering, drug/human trafficking, tax evasion, and other criminal activities.

Key Features

Bio-ID Based KYC - Interoperable, Adaptable, & Compliant.

Easy Onboarding

Self-service biometric KYC, ID validation, liveness check-based new account opening.

Multi-factor BioSignature Lifecycle

Bio-signatures for smooth onboarding, transaction validation, and secure & fraud-free payments.

Trusted ID-based Quick Loan Disbursal

Verified identity and background to quickly make decisions regarding loan disbursement.

Global Compliance Checklist

Adverse AML, sanction, media, & identity checks with comprehensive risk scoring analysis.

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How Does it Work?

BioKYC is a biometric KYC registration process that harnesses its AI engine to ensure customer due diligence. It revamps the user experience with OCR-based form filling, photo matching, and risk profiling.

One-time Registration

One-time digital onboarding with face & any other biometric assisted with passive liveness checks, followed by identity linking and verification using AI/source.

Photo Matching & Form Filling

Validation of the photo in the government identity proof from the source or using AI and auto populated KYC form filling using ID.

Comprehensive Screening

AML and compliance checks in the background with multi-parameter risk scoring and an AI-driven decision support system.

Status Update & Reporting

Final KYC application approval or rejection and account opening request sent to admin and status updated on a consolidated dashboard.

Key Benefits
Cost-Effective Identity Verification

Remote account opening and user onboarding via biometrics & paperless documentation -no need for physical agent validation.

Enhanced Security

The integrated multifactor BioSignatures ensure that the customer journey, e.g., transaction validation and payments are secure & fraud-free.

Higher Efficiency

Integrated self-service multifactor & multimodal bio authentication methods with passive liveness - ensure faster & secure remote onboarding.

Interactive Admin Management

A comprehensive KYC dashboard, mobile-optimization app tracking; & TruFace passive liveness to detect document tampering.

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