Revamping Border Security with Next-gen Biometric IAM Solution
Border Management

The rising problem of illegal immigrant crossings or failures to identify loopholes in the border system has become a cause of concern for the government. Biocube’s next-gen biometric Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution overpowers the existing security system of the border force with security & convenience. It restricts illegal entry into the country through checkpoints by creating a biometric identity that cannot be duplicated or spoofed. The advanced technology revamps defense efforts to capture people of interest by delivering real-time threat alerts.

Traditional use of biometric identities by border security:

Border Security Management
How is Biocube Strengthening Border Security With its Next-gen Bio-IDs?
Border Management

A Secure & Unified Database of Crew Members, Drivers, and Residents

Residents, crew members, and drivers can easily complete a one-time registration on a regular smartphone. Data and photo verification will be directly validated from the Aadhar database, ensuring zero risk of spoofing or tampering.

Zero-Risk of Duplication - Enhanced National Security

An intelligent de-duplication engine assures zero repetition of registration of individuals (transporters, crew members, residents, or drivers). The database revamps border security by eliminating the chance of impersonation and building a secure & unified system.

Automated Digital Log with Timestamps and Entries of Items Being Carried

Verified entry/exit across border crossing of vehicle, driver, crew member, resident, or transporter through a simple QR scan and face validation. No requirement for manual checks or paperwork makes the process of crossing borders more efficient, convenient, and secure.

Foolproof Entry/Exit Tailing and Intelligent Analytics and Reporting

Visitors, drivers, crew members, CHA, or C&F entry/exit are tailed automatically, ensuring no illegitimate stay or malpractice. Alerts are generated on a customizable dashboard for any case of an anomaly & stay aware of activities.

Additional Capabilities for Individuals Involved in Border Control

World’s only AI-enabled multi-factor biometrics to enhance security and ease of verification. Online or offline compatibility, gesture analysis, predictive analytics & decision support system to authorize correct border crossings.

Hardware Agnostic AI - No Additional Expense on Specialized Hardware

An agile and efficient AI compatible with mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, or IP cameras. User credentials are stored on a Distributed Data Architecture and safeguarded with AES256 encryption, ensuring the risk of compromised data security & national intelligence.