Empowering Education with Advanced Attendance & Activity Monitoring

Even in the digital age, many educational centers cater to traditional ways of attendance management and activity monitoring system. They indulge in roll call-based physical entries, card punching, touch-based scanners, etc., making the student & staff lifecycle hectic.

Biocube’s AttendFy eases the burden of attendance and activity monitoring with contactless biometric presence marking, group attendance capturing, mobile app/web-based monitoring, and other features.

Key Features
Biometric Registration & Presence Marking

One-time biometric identity created with face biometrics, passive liveness detection, and real-time de-duplication.

Multifold Attendance Capturing

Capture attendance in groups or individually via a center’s dedicated tablet, smartphone, or webcam. Option to mark attendance remotely with an app.

Internet Independent Functionality

Mark attendance or monitor activity even with no internet connection and auto-sync data when the internet connection becomes available.

Live Monitoring with a Mobile App/Web Browser

Live stream activity & class engagement or capture bundled videos access granted through customized access permission through the admin panel.

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How Does it Work?

AttendFy is a seamless method of marking student & staff attendance, monitoring in-class activities, and ensuring correct access for all without human error.


Self-service or assisted registration with face, fingerprint, or other biometrics and passive liveness detection.

Source/AI Govt. ID Validation

Identity proof validation from the source/ AI and multi-level admin approval for registration on a dashboard with a decision support system.

Course Enrolment/Mapping

Onboarded students or instructors are enrolled in courses by admins from the backend, with a holistic view for teachers on a dashboard.

Bio-Attendance Marking

Video feeds & individual/group photo-capturing for attendance marking with live feed monitoring on a centralized tablet or personal mobile via app.

Key Benefits
Zero Attendance Spoofing

Highly reliable attendance marking system with zero risk of tampering or spoofing.

No Proxy or Human Error

Eliminate proxy attendance marking or unauthorized access leading to misuse of premises.

Online/Offline Functionality

Monitor activity or mark attendance with or without an internet connection with a lightweight AI algorithm.

User Friendly

Enhance the end user's convenience with flexible attendance marking methods.


A specialized hardware-agnostic solution that functions on a range of devices with no upfront expenditure.

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