Redefining the Air Travel Experience with Bio-Identity

Biocube’s AI-driven IDenTrip is a secure and convenient identity authentication mode that enables travelers to experience frictionless onboarding and check-ins. The biometric identity solution creates a unique Bio-ID linked to passenger documents, which enhances security while adhering to government compliances and regulations. The autonomous solution eliminates overcrowding and queues at the airport through a one-time registration process.

Key Features

Redefining the Air Travel Experience with Bio-Identity

Self-Service Passenger Onboarding

Remote traveler onboarding from mobile/web with integrated ID check.

Contactless Biometric Linking

Facilitates linking of the face (mandatory) and other biometrics to digital documents.

Traveler Data Encryption

Passenger’s biometrics and travel document data is secured with AES 256 encryption

Multimodal Compatibility

An agile AI algorithm is compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops, IPs,          or CCTV cameras.

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How Does it Work?

IDenTrip simplifies the air traveler’s journey by offering a single platform for linking biometrics with travel documents. The paperless authentication mode offers a frictionless experience from airport entry until boarding.

One-time Registration

One-time self-service biometrics linking to government identity proofs, tickets, and boarding passes

Automated Access

Boarding pass validation, multimodal biometric recognition, and baggage E-tags through the IDenTrip app.

Passenger Verification

Identity and ticket verification at security checkpoints through the IDenTrip app and an option for immigration support.

Boarding Gate Access

Final verification by the IDenTrip app and security personnel at the boarding gate. Enjoy your trip!

Key Benefits
Enhanced Travel Experience

Paperless documentation to ensure high credibility, no manual checks, and frictionless experience from terminal entry to boarding.

Cost-effective Remote ID Verification

Fulfill KYC obligations with customized and compliant methods of remote user onboarding and ID validation.

Assured Security in Transit Hub

Eliminate the risk of a data breach or hack with fully encrypted identities and contactless biometric authentication.

Situational Awareness for Airport & Airlines

An automated bio-pass to provide seamless access at checkpoints & offer a holistic view of the passenger journey with recommendations.

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