Employee Attendance & Visitor Management

Employee attendance and Visitor access management are two of the most crucial aspects for the admins of an organization. The traditional modes of handling these two systems involve RFID cards or logbook entries.

Biocube’s TruNtrance offers seamless door-to-door passes with face and Aadhar/Passport/DL linked Bio-ID. Compatible with multiple edge devices, TruNtrance can handle the attendance marking and visitor access management needs of an organization while revamping the end user’s experience.

Key Features
Onboarding with Face Biometrics

One-time user registration with face, passive liveness detection, and a second biometric feature in either self-service or assisted mode.

Secure Govt. ID Validation

Passport/Aadhar validation and detail matching from the government’s master database source or AI-based photo matching using face biometrics.

Multi-layered Registration

Visitor names, the total number of guests, and vehicle detail request on a single dashboard are available for security admin and super admin approval.

Reschedule & Cancellation Process

Easily review and reschedule or cancel upcoming visits. Alerts to notify people about the new visit status, followed by admin approval

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How Does it Work?

TruNtrance is a self-service visitation and presence-marking solution that offers transparency and control to the end user and the organization. It links a user’s government documents with biometrics and grants customized permissions after multi-layered approval.

One-Time Registration

Digital onboarding with face, fingerprint, and other biometrics on a visitor management app of the company.

ID Proofing & Detailing

Photo validation from the source or via AI and filling host details along with the purpose of visitation, followed by tagging.

Request & Approval

Submit request to generate visitor access and multi-layered approval from the host and security admin.

Access Pass & Bio-Auth

Downloadable access pass with embedded QR code on app to access premises and entrance with bio-auth.

Key Benefits

Employees can apply for work-from-home, regularization, leaves, etc., and managers can view request status & take hierarchical action.

Enhanced Security

Self-service employee attendance via Face & other multi-factor biometrics that offer zero risk of tampering/spoofing.

Improves Staff Efficiency

AI-driven time records for entry and exits with a one-time registration process that revamps staff productivity.

A Comprehensive Dashboard

Customized Manager and HR dashboard for reviewing employee attendance history, leaves, visitor logs, etc.

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