Easing the Burden of the Visa and Immigration Industry with Bio-IDs
Visa & Immigration

We can surely agree that the world has become much safer when many governments started adopting and implementing biometric authentication at checkpoints. Biocube amplifies the security and convenience of travelers/immigrants and authorities at checkpoints with its cutting-edge technology. The new-age AI-powered, multifactor, and multimodal biometric ID and data analytics platform make the visa and immigration processes frictionless and eliminate ID duplication or fraud.

The ongoing usage of biometrics in the visa and immigration industry:

Visa & Immigration
How is Biocube Making a Difference in the Visa and Immigration Industry?
Visa & Immigration

Makes Borders Safe with Enhanced Analytics & Intelligence

AI-enabled analytics module that extracts hidden intelligence as well as insights from data & gives periodic recommendations and alerts to the authority. The high-level security protocols reduce the risk of fake identity or identity theft by a traveler/immigrant.

A Customized Dashboard for Security Personnel

Passenger, identity, and ticket details are reflected on the security personnel’s dashboard, and the true identity of the traveler/immigrant is verified through a contactless biometric matching system via the IP camera. The procedure reduces TAT & minimizes queues

Integrated COVID Report & Vaccine Certificate

On Biocube’s integrated platform, travelers can upload their COVID test reports. The traveler's name is verified & tagged to a BioPass which offers easy one-stop checking at all checkpoints. It eliminates the need of standing in a queue to get test report results.

Self-Service Bio-Profile Registration & Visa Application Process

Travelers register their profile, contactless biometrics & legal identity proofs on their own mobile, at their own comfort. The identity is verified from the source and eliminates impersonation. Authorities don’t need specialized kiosks for onboarding and can save their CAPEX.

Bio-Verified Immigration Boosts Efficiency

Physical identity is replaced with a biometric-integrated digital ID. Immigrants can pass through every checkpoint via digital ID QR scan and bio-auth-based identity validation, resulting in seamless Immigration.

Truly Contactless Travel with Verified ID

Biocube enables a seamless and contactless travel experience through mobile BioPass linked with the traveler's/immigrant's ticket, boarding pass, and identity. The entire process is paperless & the Identity is verified from the source. The data is visible on an integrated platform.