Creating Frictionless Passenger Experiences & Securing Transit
Travel & Tourism

Fastening identity verification, decreasing queues, and lowering waiting times are essential parts of travel experiences. Biocube’s contactless, tamperproof, and multimodal digital biometric identity solutions resolve the hassles of passengers during onboarding and check-in. The digital documentation linked with biometrics revamps security by eliminating tampering and duplication while diminishing operational costs and staying compliant with government regulations.

The conventional uses of biometrics in the travel industry:

Travel & Tourism
Meeting Traveler Expectations at Every Stage with Bio-IDs
Travel & Tourism

Prevention of Identity Theft and Fraud

Ensure that the correct passenger is using the airport, railway, or bus routes through an AI & biometric-driven documentation process. Safeguard national and international borders by keeping a close watch on a person’s interests even after transit.

Lower the CAPEX Burden on Revamping Security

The integrative solution easily works via IP, CCTV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone cameras. It offers contactless multifactor biometric authentication accompanied by actionable intelligence on a customizable dashboard ensuring the highest level of security.

Offer Hassle-free User Experiences

Connected transit pass linked with e-wallets and biometrics that help to purchase digital biometric tickets, enabling seamless transit between check-in & onboarding. The bio-ticket is also usable for car parking, airport hotel check-ins, and availing car pickup or drop services.

Deliver Tailor-Made Food & Beverage Offerings

360-degree traveler profiling with recommendations to enable airport and railway hoteliers to deliver specialized food and beverage delights to their guests. Also, offer the same recommendations to travelers’ itineraries while en route.

Curate Opportunities to Shop Cashlessly & Securely

AI-enable bio-pass offers passengers to shop duty-free at airports. Receive insightful data to curate the most bought products and services by a traveler and create new avenues for cross-selling or upselling.

Increase the Security & Productivity of the Staff

Random multi-factor biometric authentication checks with geolocation and timestamp details ensure supervision & accountability. A remote & internet-independent system with minimal latency in background verification improves staff efficiency during sign-in & account access.