Making Guest & Staff Experiences Memorable with Digital Identities

The stakeholders of the hotel and hospitality industry are constantly on the lookout for delivering exceptional guest experiences and revamping the security of the premises. Unfortunately, installation and upgradation of specialized security hardware puts a strain on the organization’s CAPEX, isn’t foolproof/tamperproof, and doesn’t offer the option of scalability. Biocube’s contactless, multifactor, and multimodal biometric solution stack can resolve such problems of the stakeholders & provide specialized offerings, resulting in memorable experiences.

The conventional usage of biometrics in the hotel and hospitality industry:

How is Biocube Resolving the Hotel & Hospitality Issues?
Hotel & Hospitality

Contactless Check-in/Check-out and Payment

Self-service, paperless, and contactless biometric identity-driven check-in with no waiting time. Option to provide keyless automated door opening for guests and staff members. Integrated billing, secure payment, and biometric check-out using an app.

Secure and Verified Staff Entry at Hotels

Seamlessly onboard staff members/contractors with contactless biometrics in a self-service mode. An automated attendance and access management system functional with a mobile QR code or CCTV, assisted with comprehensive security and thermal screening.

AI-driven Profiling to Offer Specialized Treatment to Guests

Increase the revenue potential of the hotel with a 360-degree guest profiling system that offers insights on guest preferences based on historical data and enables in delivering unmatched guest experience.

Digitized Housekeeping, Maintenance, Room Automation, & Monitoring

Optimize the productivity of the staff members with an automated and AI-driven monitoring system. Evaluate the productivity of the housekeeping staff with a digitized scoring system based on periodic asset maintenance. Analyze room maintenance without physical intervention.

Secure & Comfortable Visits to Heritage Spots

Paperless ticket booking of heritage spots using a secure app with the option to add historical details. E-pass and bio-auth to access tourist spots or heritage sites. A comprehensive 24x7 security monitoring system integrated with existing IR/IP cameras to monitor heritage sites.

Revamp Guest Security with Verified Cab Riders

A one-time registration process to onboard cab riders on a secure biometric identity platform. Offer biometric identities created after undergoing a driver and service agent background verification process. Allow tourists to make bookings from an integrated platform.