Revamping Trust & Convenience in the CBTs with Biometric Identities
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Ensuring that the correct beneficiaries avail the benefits of Citizen Benefit Transfer (CBT) has become a problematic issue for government due to the creation of multiple bank accounts by the departments. The implementation of a seamless fund and benefits transfer system has also become a costly affair and doesn’t come with the assurity of checking the authenticity of the account holder. The end result is that beneficiaries complain about missing payments. Biocube’s seamless biometric identity & authentication solutions resolve CBT problems by linking biometrics with source/AI verified identities and opening Bio-ID linked accounts.

Public distribution system
Biocube Empowering Government & CBT Policyholders with Digital Biometric Identities
Public Distribution

Biometric Authentication on Ordinary Smartphones at Distribution Points

Pilferage-free benefit transfers to verified citizens with simple bio-auth on normal mobiles at distribution points. Contactless biometrics linked with digital documents, ensuring there is no risk of human error while onboarding the user.

Zero Risk of Loss of Government Funds in the Wrong Hand

Source/AI verification to ensure access to the correct account holder. No account duplication and enhanced security with contactless biometric access. No chance of document tampering or spoofing, resulting in the transfer of payments to genuine beneficiaries.

Bio-ID for Appointment Booking and Availing Treatments

Seamless appointment booking through a mobile-based app. Making the process of providing treatments to the beneficiaries easier with a frictionless digital process and ensuring that the correct beneficiaries avail the treatments.

A Centralized and Customizable Dashboard with Real-Time Reports

A centralized one-tap platform for receiving updates, inquiries, and availing integrated services. Real-time notifications on tampered or spoofed identities, or data mismatch reports. Distributed Data Architecture is protected with AES 256 encryption to ensure data safety.