Enhanced Farmer Identification Management Solution

In 2019, 42.6% of the Indian workforce was employed in agriculture. The stats for many other countries are also similar to ours. Unfortunately, the farming sector faces critical challenges such as a lack of monitoring mechanisms, limited warehousing facilities, problems with issuing microfinance credits & insurance benefits to the farmers, etc. Biocube resolves such issues with a unique identity platform for farmers.

The conventional uses of biometrics in the agriculture industry include:

Seeding Growth in the Agricultural Industry via Secure Digital Identities

End-to-End Farmer Benefit, Asset & Inventory Management Solution

Our AI and IoT-driven solution onboards farmers with a unique bio-ID created via linked documents and biometrics. The data enrichment allows for warehousing, issuing integrated crop insurances, credit financing, harvest monitoring, retail networking, & equipment leasing.

Create a Collaborative Farming Ecosystem with Unified Bio-IDs

A centralized farming ecosystem for streamlining warehousing partners, implementation, crop insurance, retail, and financial partners. Bio-IDs become central anchors to ensure zero subsidy frauds, paperless loans/insurances, financial health monitoring, & more.

Foolproof & Trustworthy Farmer Lifecycle Journey

Biometric identity is linked with government land records of farmers to ensure the credibility of the farmer’s ownership. Tamperproof benefit transfer and item leasing post-bio-ide verification.

Deep Data-Driven Analytical Dashboard and Reporting

Enhanced analytics with intelligent insights on situational awareness, inventory, and capacity management. Tailor the data to meet your daily reporting needs and easily achieve organizational objectives.

Real-time Activity and Object Monitoring for Upscaling Security

Revamp security of the warehouse and other important areas by detecting real-time intrusion, fire, falls, etc. Frame-by-frame analysis and reports for completing post-investigations faster and more objectively.

Upscale Farmer Productivity with Body Posture Insights

AI-driven insights on the body postures of farmers, such as sitting, standing, walking, etc., to determine actual working hours, break durations, and more. The curated insights help to ascertain methods for revamping workforce productivity.