Ensuring Effective Law & Order with AI Surveillance & Bio-IDs
Law & Order

Online contractors who still have the credentials of their previous clients make company accounts vulnerable to hacking, as most of them don’t follow the rigid security protocols after completing their contracts. Moreover, online accounts are secured with complicated passwords and contractors often neglect password hygiene, which is a major concern for companies. Biocube’s next-gen biometric identity solutions verify the ID of the delivery partner, individual contractors, and others with biometrics and source/AI-drive verification, leaving no risk to security and simultaneously revamping the convenience of the end user.

The existing usage of biometrics in the law and order industry:

Law and order
How is Biocube Making Law & Order More Effective?
Law & Order

Simple Registration Process in the Criminal Record & AI Encoding

An easy process of registering a criminal’s photo and details into a server or syncing from multiple state and central databases. Record keeping of criminal data is secured with AI-based encoding of facial biometrics.

Easy & Accurate Identification from the Criminal Databases

A highly secure mobile app/web portal with access to authorized personnel after undergoing contactless biometric authentication. Accurate AI-based criminal/suspect results based on 128 facial features, generated after a law enforcement officer uploads a photo into the database.

Multi-Source Lost Person Record Update & Efficient Case History Matching

Simple registration of lost persons (children, elderly, mentally ill, etc) images with details into servers and facilities to sync from multiple state and central law enforcement databases through a mobile app/web portal. AI-based facial recognition to site lost individuals in real-time.

Identify Driver, Retrieving Records, and Issue New Entry & E-Challans

The traffic police can scan or input a driver's license & take a driver’s photo. Real-time face matching of DL & driver’s photo ensuring correct vehicle owner/driver. Minimize repeat offenses with easy record retrieval through & data sync. Avoid bribes with app-based e-challans.

Paperless Visitor Bio-Entry with Verified Legal ID at Hotels

Guests can experience seamless hotel entries with digital biometrics. AI/Source-based ID validation is done on the guest data and compliance is checked from the government app to ensure safe entries. The records are sent to the State Crime Record Bureau’s database.

Safer Ecosystem - Minimize Criminal Activity/Fraud and Enhance Vigilance

Organizations can customize access control with multi-logic decisions on self-service biometric visitor registration done via an app or a designated Police HQ device. Visitor status is checked by Arogya Setu or similar government apps along with AI-driven body temperature monitoring.