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The use of passwords has been ongoing for decades. Unfortunately, many users choose the same password for multiple accounts, making them vulnerable to hacking. Even complicated passwords can easily be cracked using the new-age software. According to a source, 13% of internet users in America between 18 and 34 used the same password for multiple accounts. 

The lack of password hygiene has also become a severe concern globally. It has been recently highlighted by Mr. Nankumar Saravade, former CEO of Reserve Bank Information Technology (ReBIT), in an article published in Times of India. Mr. Saravade said, “Passwords are easily compromised, and the world needs alternatives.”

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Image source: Times of India

Meanwhile, the government is taking new digital initiatives. Skill India is onboarding users to highlight their skills on a digital platform. The platform will give Indians a chance to get recruited by global companies. The digital initiative is part of the National Skill Development Corporation. Mr Ved Mani, CEO of NSDC, also stated in the ToI article that six million user credentials are GDPR compliant and secured by NSDC.

Multifactor Authentication is Elevating Organizational Security

Security is a primary concern for government and private enterprises. Including multifactor authentication can play a significant role in enhancing even systems that still support passwords. Nowadays, biometrics have become one of the most secure user authentication methods.

But, physical finger or palm prints pose another major issue. Mr. Sarvade said, “Fingerprints are being lifted from registration documents and converted into latex overlays to impersonate somebody.”

Biocube is enhancing organizations’ security by offering secure, contactless, and paperless biometric solutions that can significantly contribute to the changing scenario of the digital world. Since 2019, the company has been offering AI-driven face, fingerprint, voice, palm, and eye recognition solutions that are spoof-free and tamper-free. 

Biocube’s contactless biometric solutions don’t require the installation of specialized biometric hardware and work seamlessly using smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet cameras. Our founder, Mr. Subodh Narain Agrawal, recently said: “Biocube is growing rapidly, and our technology is playing a pivotal role in the acceptance of biometrics as a security measure and making passwords a thing of the past.”

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