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Contactless attendance System has become the new-age method of ensuring accurate timestamps of employees, students, and other users linked to an attendance management system.

Currently, Biocube touchless biometrics come with integrated liveness detection, which takes it to the next level by assuring real user presence at the location and preventing any chance of spoofing or tampering.

According to research, the global contactless biometric technologies market was estimated at $10.2 billion in 2022, and projected to reach $53 billion by 2032. Biocube’s state-of-the-art technology is transforming attendance & access management, and contributing to this growing market size.

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What is a Contactless Attendance System?

A contactless attendance system that doesn’t incorporate physically touching or tapping hardware and seamlessly manages the check-in and checkout timing records is referred to as a contactless attendance system. 

Such systems can work via an app and don’t require specialized hardware to function. Organizations often use it to derive the working hours, breaks, leaves, etc., which helps to estimate a worker’s productivity hours and accurate payroll calculations. 

Nowadays contactless biometric Attendance Management Systems (AMS) have become the new-age method solution. Biocube specializes in five factors of contactless biometrics, namely, face, fingerprint, voice, iris, and eye. The company’s multifactor biometric authentication is upscaling business security and user convenience to the next level.

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The Essence of Contactless Biometric Attendance in Global Organizations

Managing attendance is an organizational goal commonly undertaken by the HR and Admin department heads. The objective of managing attendance is to determine the correct working hours, calculate remaining & consumed leaves, ascertain payroll, and much more.

The application of remote biometric attendance systems has become popular across global organizations for the following reasons:

  • Saves Time: Managing employee time records using the traditional register and logbook practice consumes many working hours. A touchless time and attendance system helps to maintain accurate records, especially during peak entry and exit hours, while saving the operational hours of the organization’s workforce.
  • Assures Compliance: One of the major reasons for opting for a contactless biometric attendance system is to adhere to government laws regarding working hours, breaks, holidays, leaves, etc. A touchless solution using biometrics and safeguarded with liveness detection helps to avoid tampering and spoofing. Hence, it prevents the organization from hefty compliance fines or penalties that are laid upon enterprises that fail to do so.
  • Reduces Expenditure: Global firms have realized that traditional time and attendance systems involving RFID cards or physical punching require excessive hardware costs. On the other hand, contactless biometric systems provided by an organization like Biocube run on an app easily downloadable via Google Play Store or Apple iStore on a regular tablet or smartphone, removing the need for specialized biometric hardware. Moreover, they come with a bare minimum cost of securing digital biometric identities on a cloud server.
  • Prevents Time Theft:  Another significant benefit of a contact-free biometric attendance system is that it helps prevent time-theft activities, such as buddy punching. As a result, the time record-keeping mechanism is fraud-proof and not prone to inaccuracies.

Biocube’s Attendance System: Key Features

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Multimodal & Multifactor

Biocube’s contactless biometric attendance apps work seamlessly on a smartphone, tablet, CCTV/IP Camera, laptop, or desktop. Hence they are compatible with multiple devices and don’t require specialized hardware for operation. Moreover, the apps support multiple contactless biometrics such as fingerprint, face, voice, eye, and iris, giving options to the end user.

Geolocation & Geofencing

Biocube’s contactless attendance management systems also incorporate real-time geolocation and timestamps. The system administrators can view a person’s longitude and latitude. Besides this, the admins have the right to switch on geofencing, which can restrict anyone from marking their attendance beyond a specified radius.

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Customizable Dashboards

The administrators can view user reports on a customizable dashboard. Moreover, they can even view the employee attendance analytics, which specifies the average working hours, most common check-in and checkout timings, holidays, leaves, etc. The dashboard also mentions reports of a particular user based on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

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Robust Security Mechanisms

Unlike traditional biometric hardware systems, Biocube provides a contactless biometric solution, making it less prone to theft. Moreover, the user’s biometrics are safeguarded with AES 256 encryption and secured on a distributed data architecture. The technology used in the AMS is also compliant with government laws and regulations. The touchless solutions also support random biometric checks, making it even harder for cybercriminals to penetrate the system.

Easy Leave Management

Biocube’s TruNtrance is an AI-powered solution for time & attendance, leave management, and visitor access management systems that work through touchless biometrics, specifically face biometrics. It is an app available on the Google Play Store & Apple Stores that incorporates AMS and leave management. The easy leave management and approval system makes it convenient for employees and administrators to keep track of their leaves without the hassle of viewing salary slips to check the records.

Supports Other Features

Biocube’s contactless biometric systems don’t stay limited to Time & Attendance, Visitor Access, and leave management. The company’s vast proposition extends to access management, watchlist alerts, intrusion detection, surveillance, and theft detection.

For example, the face biometrics system helps enhance border security by recognizing people traveling under false identities by comparing real persons’ biometrics at the entry or exit gates with the registered biometrics secured on a cloud server.


Biocube’s contactless attendance management systems are transforming global organizations by reducing the workload of the HR and admin employees and ensuring the real presence of the users at the designated location.

Moreover, Biocube technology encompasses benefits like geolocation, geofencing, robust security mechanisms, multimodal compatibility, contactless biometrics, liveness detection, and much more. 

With TruNtrance and AttendFy AMS apps, Biocube is contributing greatly to the growing contactless biometric market, and transforming global organizations in multiple ways. They are not only enhancing attendance & leave management but also enhancing the end user’s security and convenience.

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