Enhancing Security: The Role of Comprehensive Visitor Management System

The demand for a comprehensive Visitor Management System (VMS) is increasing rapidly. Its global market is expected to grow from $1.6 billion in 2023 to $3 billion by 2028 at a 13.7% CAGR. 

VMS serves as a cost-saving solution, alleviating the front desk workload and boosting overall workplace productivity. It comes with a list of features that improve the security and convenience of the guests. 

These features add to the system’s rapidly increasing demand. But before deep diving into them, let’s dive into the definition of a Visitor Management Solution.

What is a Visitor Management System?

VMS is a digital method of managing guest access to premises. It keeps an error-free logbook of the visitor entries and exits without the intervention of the receptionist. Moreover, VMS creates badges after completing pre-registration and KYC proofing.

The system directly updates the schedules on the hosts and the guest’s calendars for seamless record keeping and helps avoid meeting overlaps or eliminates the risk of missing an appointment. A comprehensive visitor management solution also assists in arranging additional guests, car parking, and more.

5 Ways a Visitor Management System Upgrades Enterprise Security

enhancing security Biocube advanced and contactless visitor management system

1. Prevents Unauthorized Entries

High-security solutions are becoming increasingly necessary as the potential for business intrusion increases. A visitor management system is one of them; it has mobile passes and adheres to strict meeting etiquette.

Moreover, the host immediately receives notifications of the guest’s arrival after the mobile pass punch-in at the doors or the gates. Additionally, the mobile pass allows strict door entries, ensuring guests can experience seamless access and an intruder cannot enter the premises.

Nowadays, people have switched from mobile passes to biometric VMS solutions as they assist with liveness detection. Accompanied by face recognition or contactless fingerprint detection systems, they eliminate the risk of tampering or spoofing.

2. Maintains Compliance and Regulatory Checks

Unlike physical registers or logbooks, which one still gets to see at many receptions and gate entries and come with the risk of unrecognizable names or error-filled date & time entries, a digital visitor management solution doesn’t.

It accurately records guest names, visit timings, visit schedule duration, car parking details, and more. A comprehensive solution even builds a historical report based on the visitor entries, which further helps during audits. 

As a result, the organization complies with the regulatory requirements and compliance check norms the government sets. The reports also come in handy during post-investigation scenarios.

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3. Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

The modern visitor management solution, powered by AI, includes a built-in reporting dashboard. It offers a complete view of visitor logs and alerts on detected anomalies. For example, it could flag if a visitor entered the premises and did not leave it in the assigned duration. 

Once the red flag is triggered via the customized settings based on the enterprise protocols, the system displays the last access details, and the administrator can take the necessary steps to find out more about the visitor’s location with the assistance of the guards.

Such red flags can help to avoid mismanagement of visitor stays and keep the administrator informed about the visitor’s visit to the premises. Moreover, if the system detects unusual patterns of multiple visitors, it will show them in the reports, and the organization can take necessary actions.

4. Allows Self-Service Entries

Organizations have undergone a radical change thanks to face recognition-driven guest solutions. Encompassed with live detection, they allow frictionless check-in and checkout of premises without the risk of tampering, which remains problematic for touch-based biometric machines.

In addition, the screen displays the visitor badge along with meeting details. It is an advancement compared to physical badges, which can be manipulated or stolen.

The receptionists no longer have to input the details of the visitor into a logbook and issue a temporary card. In addition to being seamlessly integrated with facial recognition technology, the digital badge is linked to a QR code that can be easily scanned at reception to avoid lines.

5. Assigns Role-Based Access Controls

Role-based access control systems are essential for organizations to guarantee that both visitors and staff can access the necessary resources. It helps to make them more hospitable and allows employees who act as hosts during meetings to learn about the allocated rooms available for the day.

The information is uploaded onto the visitor management system, allowing the host to choose a designated meeting room. Once the room is selected, the host can allocate it to the meeting calendar and book it in advance.

On the other hand, administrators get to keep a lookout for the usage of organization resources, in this case, the meeting rooms. If an unforeseen event happens, the visitor logs can help ascertain the anomalies and help solve the investigation.


A Visitor Management System (VMS) significantly upgrades an organization’s security by keeping untampered digital records, creating reports, detecting visitor patterns, and more.

The enterprises implementing such a system must upgrade to the new-age contactless solutions to enhance their security. Digital visitor management solutions do not require registers or logs, so organizations that use them for visitor management help the environment.

Such systems incorporate tamper-proof and spoofproof mechanisms to eliminate the risk of unauthorized entries. Visitors may also find a comprehensive solution to be advantageous. The system can provide seamless access without queuing at the reception to collect a temporary card or fill in the logbook. 

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