How to choose a best visitor access management solution for organization

Best Visitor Management Solution: Workplaces have a lot of daily foot traffic, from employees to visitors. The types of visitors in an organization also range from contractors to clients, making it important to have the best visitor management system in place.

A comprehensive visitor access management solution can ease the burden on the organization and save costs. For example, it can help streamline access control for visitors after they reach the meeting. However the biggest advantage of implementing it is that it enhances the organization’s security, as visitors can’t bypass access without making their digital entries.

Today, there is a huge market for visitor systems that are functional via hardware, software, or even both. Deciding the correct or most apt Visitor Access Management solution for your enterprise comes down to important factors. 

4 Things to Consider to Find the Right Visitor Management System

Key Features/Offerings

As mentioned above, the needs of organizations differ drastically. A hotel would need a system that can decrease the call flow by streamlining digital bookings and offering designated access without visiting the reception desk, making the customer journey seamless.

On the other hand, a hospital would need a system that aligns visitor passes with timestamps and geolocation and a system for granting secure access to patient rooms. Such a system could help to prevent intrusion, especially when prisoners or people with special needs are being taken care of in the high-risk zones of the healthcare center.

Face recognition with a QR pass can help ensure such a pass in organizations and improve security. Similarly, features like the option of pre-scheduling, adding vehicle details, national ID verification, etc., can prove extremely beneficial in multiple ways, and enterprises should look out for them.

Total Cost to Company

The types of visitor access management systems can range from cloud-based to kiosk check-in. The cost of installing a VMS that requires specialized hardware will most likely be much higher than a cloud solution.

Moreover, hardware-based visitor systems would also need manual intervention and maintenance time and again, which means they would not be frictionless. As a result, the visitor’s experience can be tarnished. Organizations with frequent visitors would feel hassled by such a system. Therefore, the best option is to go for a solution that can integrate into your existing app and work seamlessly on a tablet or smartphone. It will reduce the cost of setting up the Visitor Management System (VMS) and take less time for installation.

Safety and Security Protocols

A visitor access system should not only be easy to deploy but also offer assurance to the visitors and the hosts while complying with government and business norms and compliances. 

The access system should have walls to prevent access to information related to visitors or the organization. It is possible through a biometric visitor access management system, which requires authentication through face recognition. Such a system will ensure that the visitor has seamless access to the meeting room during the designated hours of the meeting without the need to carry a temporary RFID or chip card. Additionally, it will eliminate the chance of intrusion into premises without authentication and send alerts for unauthorized access or breaches.

User Convenience 

If you opt for a kiosk visitor system, the chance of visitors facing friction is probably higher than a cloud-based solution. Moreover, walk-ins would require them to sign in with details on a register or a logbook if they want a temporary access card. On the other hand, a cloud-based visitor system allows digital sign-in and a digital pass on the registered mobile number, offering a seamless pass and heightened security by ensuring the correct person has access to the premises. The walk-in direct information reaches the host through a dashboard to permit access to the designated meeting room.

In the case of pre-scheduled meetings, the host has to inform the receptionist, or vice versa, about the upcoming meeting to issue a temporary pass. It is a hassle again for the visitor and the hosts. A digital visitor system can help schedule meetings on a designated day at a convenient time, along with guest information and vehicle details, streamlining the process.

Final Thoughts

The visitor access system can revamp the organization’s and the visitor’s security and convenience. Choosing the right VMS comes down to the features, cost of installation, security & safety protocols, and user convenience. However, as organizational needs grow, it is necessary to find a scalable visitor management solution.

Enterprises must deep dive into the value propositions offered through the visitor system before making a call to figure out the daily needs of the company that can be solved with it.

An AI-driven solution like Biocube’s TruNtrance entails employee attendance and visitor access management, simplifying both major HRMS aspects.

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