Real-time attendance & activity monitoring system

Employee attendance and activity monitoring have always been an integral part of organizations. Learning about time spent in activities like meetings, outdoor visitations, inductions, in-house event participation, etc., always helps learn about employee productivity hours in a month, quarter, half-year, or year.

On the other hand, deep-diving into attendance gives knowledge about average hours present in the office, absenteeism, frequent holiday behavior, and more. The new-age technological innovations enable organizations to streamline attendance and activity monitoring.

Biocube’s TruNtrance meets the modern-day and next-gen HRMS needs through its cutting-edge face recognition technology. The solution is designed to assure security, convenience, and insights on multiple aspects.

TruNtrance: Streamline Attendance and Activity Monitoring/Tracking with Biometrics

Attendance manipulation via favoritism, buddy punching, and other mechanisms have become problematic issues for enterprises. Organizations are paying extensively for employee productivity and overtime hours without their physical presence at the location. The first approach to eliminate these was to stick with physical biometric systems; however, they could be more budget-friendly and require continuous assistance. 

The outdated and traditional specialized hardware systems come with many other vulnerabilities, such as installing the command center, adding a need for CCTV monitoring, and unauthorized access through sophisticated mechanisms of biometric spoofing, such as fingerprint or palm duplication. 

Biocube’s TruNtrance is resolving the drawbacks of the outdated access and attendance system while streamlining remote workforce management with its next-gen features.

5 Salient Features of TruNtrance that Outweight Other Attendance and Activity Monitoring Systems

TruNtrance - Employee attendance and visitor access management system

1. Spoof-proof and Tamperproof Attendance Management

Unlike the traditional systems, Biocube’s TruNtrance comes with in-built passive liveness detection, alerts for tampering/spoofing, and an AES 256 encrypted biometric database. The solution leaves no room for manipulating attendance. Say goodbye to time theft!

2. Remote Activity Monitoring

Biocube’s TruNtrance can streamline it with facial recognition technology with its enhanced security features, be it a meeting, outdoor visit, or an online conference. The admins can sit back and relax, viewing the employees’ live dashboard without spending hours tracking the productivity hours, especially for their remote workforce.

3. In-house and Outbound Geolocation Tracking for Employees

Calculating the hours spent on each activity in the office or during outdoor visitation is necessary for managers to learn about the types of activities, average hours spent in visitations, average meeting durations, etc. Biocube’s TruNtrance can curate such necessary insights with its live geolocation activity monitoring feature.

4. Diminish the Risk of Data and Security Breaches

TruNtrance extensively reduces the risk of data and security breaches, as it relies on contactless biometrics safeguarded by military-grade AES 256 encryption, liveness detection, real-time timestamps, geolocation, and geofencing.

5. Facilitate Auditory Requirements

TruNtrance enables organizations to maintain compliance with labor regulations and provides an audit trail for attendance records. The system generates detailed reports that can be used for audits or legal purposes, ensuring transparency and accountability.

TruNtrance Employee Attendance Visitor Access Management System


Employee attendance and activity monitoring will always remain essential to organizational stakeholders at multiple levels. TruNtrance enables global enterprises to achieve these goals with its secure and convenient facial recognition technology.

Moreover, the solution provides add-on assistance with visitor access management, eliminating the need for a separate solution for granting access or scheduling visitations at the organizational premise.

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