Biocube scores US patent for its contactless, multi-model biometrics platform

Biocube Technologies Inc., which provides AI-powered digital identity and access management products, has been awarded a U.S. patent for its distributed architecture-based contactless multifactor biometrics platform.

According to an announcement from the India-based firm, the patent was filed in August 2020 (through its Delaware office) and approved by the US Patent and Registration Office on March 28, 2023.

The patent states that Biocube’s authentication system “comprises a biometric engine, a local database, a requesting module, and an authentication engine,” which will locally store and authenticate user data.

According to the patent, the invention’s primary objective is “to provide a safe and secured method and system of biometric authentication of personal documents or data of the user at user device without sharing or storing such documents or data with third-party servers.”

The system coordinates between a user’s mobile device and a local database where the user’s biometric ID is stored, via a client application.

The Founder & Chairman of Biocube, Mr. Subodh Narain Agrawal, called the patent “long overdue.” Citing the travel, hotel, hospitality, and healthcare industries as prospective use cases for the patented technology, Agrawal also pointed to an achiever’s award he received from India’s Innovation & Sustainability Society, and promised further innovations to come.

Biocube recently launched a customizable KYC module for customer onboarding.

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