Maximizing Classroom Presence - 3 Dynamic Strategies to Boost Attendance

Student attendance is a vital component of educational institutions. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Education reported 40% of student absenteeism in Vocational and Technical Secondary Education alone.

This 2019 report stated that the absenteeism was for 20 days or more. Moreover, a minimal absenteeism of 6.91% was found in Primary Schools. The state of student attendance fluctuates around this range in many other countries.

Therefore, it has become critical to revamp student attendance in educational centers, and many strategies can prove to be effective. Today, we uncover some of the best approaches to reduce the absenteeism of students in classrooms.

3 Effective Strategies for Boosting Classroom Attendance

1. Use a Face Recognition System for Attendance

One of the easiest ways to ensure the presence of students in the classrooms is to use a face recognition system. Such a solution can also reduce the time it takes to mark the attendance of the students and provide additional time to clear doubts or other activities.

Moreover, face recognition technology will ensure that the student is present within the classroom and help avoid proxy attendance, which is very common with roll calls, punch cards, and other traditional methods.

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Nowadays, the best attendance apps come with features like geolocation, timestamps, day, month, and year-wise attendance reports, subject/class allocation, and much more. Therefore, attendance tracking is much more accurate, secure, and convenient for all.

2. Reward Students with the Highest Attendance

Classes without fun activities or methods of learning often become boring for students. Therefore, they usually skip them and ask their classmates to mark proxy attendance on their behalf. The teacher may not always pay attention to all students, as many classrooms have more than 150 students. As a result, the students take undue advantage of the situation and skip the classes.

However, rewarding a student who has the highest attendance can ensure a higher presence of other students, as it is motivational for them. It is becoming a common practice in many educational institutions.

A digital attendance management system can quickly ascertain the student with the highest attendance. Moreover, the student can use the app to download the report and share it with other parents in groups and communities, which will further motivate different students.

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3. Ensure that the Students Receive their TimeTable on Time

Students in schools, colleges, universities, and institutions often opt for additional subjects or activities. However, they frequently receive their new timetable, which includes the timings of the new classes and activities, very late. As a result, they may skip or miss the courses if they forget. The classroom attendance records of such students may be hampered due to this.

An attendance tracking app can ensure that the student receives the updated timetable on the app by adding the student to a course or class within seconds. Moreover, unlike traditional attendance tracking systems like registers or logbooks, the teacher wouldn’t have to monitor the student record and update it constantly.


Student absenteeism has become a concern for educational institutions. Implementing the correct measures can help the centers to overcome this issue. Face recognition attendance system, rewarding students for high attendance, and ensuring timely delivery of new timetables with new-age methods are some of the ways to cater to the growing student absenteeism problem.

Besides this, educational centers can include a classroom monitoring system that can recognize the body postures of students during a class. As a result, it can determine which class the students engage in the most and even reward the teacher for exceptional efforts in this regard.

Biocube’s AttendFy is an AI-powered attendance tracking app for educational institutions that meets these and derives reports on a customizable dashboard. It is backed by US-patented technology and is becoming a popular attendance solution in the academic domain.

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