face recognition attendance system

Face Recognition Attendance systems have evolved from simple registers to chips or RFID cards to biometric systems using face, fingerprint, voice, or other unique identifiers. The evolution of biometric systems continued to build contactless modes of marking premise-based check-ins and check-outs, as well as presence marking. Such changes have drastically revamped workforce productivity, improved management of time-keeping records, eliminated human errors in attendance systems, and decreased the need for paper, saving the environment.

However, the biggest benefit of using face recognition for marking attendance is eliminating the need for the installation of specialized biometric equipment at the organization. Corporations can save huge capex not only on the hardware but also on the chip or RFID cards that would be issued to everyone, followed by a separate HRMS system, along with the additional need to hire and train staff to avoid equipment malfunctions. 

But how does a face-recognition attendance management system work? How has it become so much easier? Does it need supervision, or is there technology for managing that too? Here is an insight into it:

Face Recognition Attendance System: How Does it Work?

Face recognition is a contactless and paperless technology that allows access and attendance for the end user by verifying the captured image, video, or identification points from the initially stored database. If they match, the attendance gets marked or authentication is granted.

The technology is adaptable in educational centers, sports venues, corporate offices, and other places with simple integration into an existing app or platform or via a web link. The solution works frictionlessly via a regular smartphone or tablet camera. Its touchless nature makes it a convenient and safe mode of managing attendance as well as securing access. 

TruNtrance: Employee Attendance & Visitor Access Management Made Easy!

TruNtrance - Employee attendance and visitor access management system

TruNtrance, a face recognition attendance system from Biocube, also shows the timesheet reports to the host or security managers on a customizable dashboard. It is accompanied by passive liveness detection, making it spoof-proof and tamper-proof. The technology is specially built to meet the needs of corporations and includes fundamental HRMS provisions for ease in employee attendance and visitor access management.

TruNtrance is also embedded with a timestamp and location tracking. Therefore, managing attendance timesheet logs becomes easier. Biocube also offers AttendFy, which is designed to meet the everyday attendance requirements of educational centers. The group photo or video capturing feature of the product allows one to seamlessly mark the attendance of students and the class teacher at once with unique face recognition technology, enhancing classroom productivity. 


Adopting digital transformations like face recognition attendance systems is truly impacting the quality of everyone’s lives. It eases accessibility and attendance management while saving organizations from huge capital expenditures and revoking the threat of identity theft, which has become a common problem with RFID and chip cards. Moreover, such a system leaves no room for human error and requires manual entry at the reception desk. The inclusion of timestamps enables not only a crucial database of presence hours but has also become a lifesaver for organizations that work with remote employees. 

Its multimodal compatibility with minimal or zero internet connectivity doesn’t need the everyday manual intervention involved with specialized biometric hardware systems, which also continuously demand high service and upgrade costs.