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Schools are rigid when it comes to attendance for very good reasons. Various studies have shown a direct correlation between students’ academic achievement and school attendance. One of them suggests that students who lack the former often lack the latter, as well as professional growth. 

On the other hand, students with high attendance often achieve all these benefits in addition to developing time management and social skills. Parents and teachers have become increasingly involved in activities that encourage students to enhance their classroom attendance. 

Unfortunately, even with the various methods of inspiration, the ongoing school attendance management systems come with many drawbacks, which drain the efforts of parents and teachers.

3 Common Attendance Tracking Issues in Schools

  1. Time-Consuming
  2. Proxy/Fake Attendance
  3. User Inconvenience
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1. Time-Consuming

Roll calls and signature sheets are still commonly used in schools that are not familiar with modern attendance tracking systems. Such methods are not only draining the classroom time of the teachers and students but also reducing the learning, activity, and query-solving period of the class. 

As a result, it is draining the class productivity, and not leading to quality training assurance, which is an aspect that concerns the board authorities, principals, and teachers, besides the parents.

2. Proxy/Fake Attendance

Students often roll call ‘present teacher’ or ‘present ma’am’ on behalf of their classmates. On the other hand, teachers feel that marking the presence of students is a tedious task that must be completed to begin the class as soon as possible.

As a result, the teacher doesn’t often pay attention to the person who is marking the presence of the student. Similarly, students mark the presence of their fellow batchmates by signing on the signature sheet or using an RFID card, leading to proxy or fake attendance.

At times, the teacher can point out someone missing in the class even after looking at the signature sheet; however, it is quite rare. Also, the teacher might not check on the students present in a class if they are using an RFID card.

3. User Inconvenience

Students using RFID-based attendance management systems might often come across technical issues. At times, the card machine or the card might malfunction and not mark the presence of the end user. As a result, student and staff attendance might not get marked for the day.

Additionally, the end user of the contact-based AMS might be required to carry the card every day to the premises for marking attendance. In case it gets forgotten at home, the person’s attendance will show as absent.

The larger issue is that the person would need help from another student, teacher, or administrator to pass through a gate if the card isn’t available at hand. Nowadays, many schools also have a gate pass system with fingerprint or palm scanners, which can lead to infection spread from another student or injury upon abrupt closures. 

The Best Way to Resolve School Attendance Tracking Issues

The most effective method for overcoming attendance and activity monitoring problems in the classroom is Biocube’s AttendFy. To guarantee the utmost accuracy, it combines face recognition with elements like passive liveness detection, geolocation, and timestamps.

The paperless and contactless solution is changing attendance tracking and management at educational institutions by eliminating the need for specialized biometric hardware. The AI-powered solution operates without a hitch through a standard smartphone, tablet, or desktop camera.

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