How Are Biometric Student Attendance Systems Helping Colleges and Universities?

A student attendance management system is crucial to a student’s lifecycle. Every student is assigned an identity card, which allows access to the premises, marks attendance, and ensures that authorized people use the faculty.

Unfortunately, the scenarios of lost or stolen identity cards are ubiquitous in educational institutions. Therefore, it comes with the loophole of unsecured access to the premises, which scares the parents, primarily when their children reside in a hostel far from home.

The universal badge even allows unauthorized access to student facilities, which concerns parents, teachers, and the principal. Biometric student attendance systems have become saviors for educational institutions in many ways. They overpower the traditional or specialized hardware-driven attendance management system under the security and convenience features. Let’s find out how.

3 Ways Biometric Attendance Systems Are Helping Educational Centers

Accuracy in Attendance Management

Today, many educational institutions rely heavily on RFIDs or badges to get access and mark student attendance. Unfortunately, they have many drawbacks, like proxy attendance, unauthorized access if stolen or lost, and add-on capital expenditures.

On the other hand, biometric attendance systems are overpowering these drawbacks by ensuring the presence of the authorized student within the premises. Most reputable solutions come with in-built liveness detection, which helps avoid spoofing or tampering attempts.

Simultaneously, the student and parents can sit back and relax, knowing their identity is safe. Biometrics are unique to a person, and a student attendance system links its unique characteristics with a digital identity.

Safety During Examination

As mentioned in the previous point, a biometric attendance management system with liveness detection is spoofproof and tamperproof. Integrating such technology with a regular smartphone or tablet camera allows to grant access and mark attendance of authorized students during the exam.

If the system doesn’t recognize the student, the invigilator can check records from the historical data and check whether the examinee’s identity is correct. Such a system safeguards the institutions from proxy examinee attempts and keeps the reputation of the educational center intact.

Moreover, it creates a better authenticity of the educational institution in the market, as it shows that it is sticking to measures to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Simultaneously, the co-examinees morale is also maintained from hearing news about proxy students attending an exam, and could even motivate the students to study harder, as there is no scope for cheating.

Reduces Administrative Workload

Students and administrators spend their valuable time ensuring the highest level of accuracy in attendance records, as it is a crucial part of student’s overall performance in many universities and colleges.

A biometric student attendance system reduces the workload of administrators and tutors by eliminating the need for registers or logbooks for searching attendance records. It ensures the highest level of accuracy in student attendance, especially if it has built-in features that prevent any measure of proxy attendance.

The administrators and super administrators can check the student attendance data from a digital dashboard and even view day, month, or year-wise absent and present records. The dashboard can also deliver absenteeism records based on subjects, months, or other ways, saving valuable time.


A biometric student attendance system is more than just a measure of record keeping of student attendance. It ensures the highest level of student attendance accuracy, eliminating the risk of proxy attendance.

Moreover, it helps the administrators and teachers of educational institutions by delivering customizable reports on a digital dashboard. It overpowers traditional systems in many ways, resulting in saving time.

While choosing a biometric system for attendance tracking, selecting a contactless solution over specialized hardware systems is essential, as the latter comes with many vulnerabilities similar to RFID or chip cards.

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