Seamless Travel Experience

Air travel volume has consistently grown over the years across the globe and with this rise in air traffic, it has been a continuous endeavour of the airlines & airport operators to provide more unique customer experiences through new technology adoption. But still, in any typical air travel, passengers generally spend at least one hour in the entire process of ID checking, standing in queue, boarding pass verification, security check etc. which is a major inconvenience for the passengers. According to the Global Passenger Survey, conducted by IATA, travellers expect a waiting time of less than five minutes at airport terminal entries and more than 70% of passengers are willing to share their personal information including biometric identifiers to speed up the processes.

On the other hand, with the increasing competition in the hotel industry, providing a frictionless and renewed customer experience is a key focus. The traditional guest check-in process, where guests must spend 15 to 20 minutes at the hotel reception for check-in paperwork, ID checking and form filling, is very inconvenient & frustrating for the guests. A digital guest check-in journey ensures that guests with pre-verified ID get a complete seamless entry process and personalized experience during their stay. Moreover, a study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners shows the hotel industry loses 5% to 6% of its annual revenue from fraud penetrated by employees & guests and guests with fake identities pose a lot of security risk at the same time.

Using the Biocube platform, airport operators & airlines can provide a seamless, convenient journey for the travellers from terminal entry to boarding, based on travellers’ bio-id. Travellers need to do an easy advance biometric check-in process from their personal mobile devices, linking their biometric, identity & valid travel documents e.g. ticket, boarding pass, booking info. Similarly, for the hospitality industry, Biocube brings a frictionless guest check-in process at hotels – zero waiting, no physical form filling, no ID checking, giving the guests a whole new experience. Also, based on 360-degree profiling completely personalised services can be offered.


Traveller Self-service Bio Check-In

Easy, user-friendly check-in process for Airport passengers & hotel guests on their personal devices, linking biometrics, verified ID, travel details (Ticket, Booking info etc.)

Seamless End-to-End Travel

Contactless Entry, Check-in, and Checkout at every stage of the journey, with simple bio-auth on tablet, camera, mobile and a real-time update on the admin dashboard.

Personalized Services

Analytics driven customer profiling & transaction behaviour mapping for tailored services to travellers by the airlines & hotels, creating cross-sell, upsell opportunity

Enhanced Security

Verified ID based access at each stage provides comprehensive security & alerts in case of any anomaly. Also, if required, traveller identity can be verified from the watchlist.

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