Biometric Identity-driven Monitoring and Attendance Marking

Failure to determine the legitimacy of the onboarded students, teachers, and other staff members offers unwarranted access to privileged information and the premises. Biocube’s AI-driven, contactless, multifactor, and multimodal biometric attendance marking and activity monitoring solutions create a culture of trust and transparency in the educational system. The biometric identity authentication methods eliminate proxies, keep fraudsters at bay, avoid breaches, etc., and create safer and more secure environments.

The standard usage of biometrics in the educational industry:

educational institutions
Meeting New-Age Demands of the Educational Industry with Contactless Biometrics

Biometric Identity Tagged Throughout the Educational Lifecycle

Our AI-driven bio-identity solution enables educational institutions, schools, and colleges to tag their student and staff throughout their educational journey. The unified ID solution eliminates document documentation, ensures benefits are levied to the correct person, etc.

Spoof-proof and Tamper-proof Mechanism for Marking Attendance

Avoid chances of proxy attendance with integrated liveness detection. Capture the attendance of a group of students and staff members with a single click & receive tamper alerts. Ensure maximum accuracy of face recognition with minimal bad image quality.

Tightens Security of People Associated with an Educational Center

Eliminate the chances of impersonation, document tampering, and misuse of premises or privileges with a verified digital signature created via linking original documents with biometrics. Our mobile-driven solution is a spoof-proof mechanism for marking attendance.

Instant Body Posture, Activity, and Object/Incident Detection Monitoring

Use our augmented to extract intelligence from videos or images. Get a full-scale overview of body posture like sitting, standing, walking, etc. Conduct a frame-by-frame activity analysis and set customized alerts to detect fire, gun, trespassing, etc.

Faster Attendance Marking System that Directly Impacts the Expenses

Online or offline attendance marking system interoperable via smartphone, tablet, or similar edge device cameras with geolocation and timestamp removes the need for roll calling and register-based marking. It is an effective mechanism for boosting the productivity of the staff.

Huge Influx of Data to Recognize Patterns and Make Changes

Automated extraction of insights and patterns from structured/unstructured data. AI-driven actionable intelligence with real-time reporting on a customizable dashboard. Automated multi-layered admin reporting systems functional at a hierarchical level.