Resolving the Problems of the Healthcare Industry with Digital Identities

Ensuring the security and privacy of patient records, personal details, and financial data is a vital aspect of healthcare stakeholders. The rising sophisticated mechanism of breaching healthcare databases requires equivalent actions. Biocube’s AI-driven solutions operable via existing mobile or tablet cameras don’t hamper the CAPEX and simultaneously revamp security. The contactless biometric authentication methods enable offering seamless visitor experiences, maintaining paperless progress via digital records, avoiding impersonation, etc.

The conventional usage of biometrics in the healthcare industry:

Healthcare institutions
How is Biocube Solving Issues in the Healthcare Industry?

Revamping Patient Onboarding and Appointment Procedures

Easy patient onboarding and appointment booking process through a simple self-service bio-auth integrated platform. Automating patient onboarding lowers the organizational CAPEX by eliminating the need for maintaining paper-based records.

Offers More Convenience to the Patients, Staff, & Visitors

Our solutions allow patients, nurses, or family members to conduct self-tests at home using mobile-based authentication and allow them to link identities with test records. Mitigate the risk of fraudulent claims and provide account access to authorized users only.

A Wide Range of Applications for Citizen Benefit Transfer

Pilferage-free benefit transfer to verified citizens with simple bio-auth on normal mobiles at distribution points. Only genuine beneficiaries get assured benefits, ensuring zero risk of loss of government funds. Analytics for policy course correction, forecast, and capacity planning.

Protect Patient Identities and Health Records

Enhance the security of the patient and staff identities with biometric authentication and gain access to a seamless view of patient health records. Monitor the treatment stage of the patient and take appropriate actions without the hassle of searching for files/records.