Policy Onboarding

Impersonation in insurance Policy purchase and availing benefits of policy with fake identity is the critical pain point for insurance domain. Biocube ensures that policy onboarding is done with verified ID and patient ID verification for treatment while minimising insurance fraud.

Bio-linkage minimises fraudulated customer identity which reduces the costs incurred. Bio-linkage of policies eliminates the need for manual verification of documents, engaging third party agents to conduct KYC and claim check brings inefficiency.

Biocube also oversees fake claims which include services not provided but billed & impersonation which is to ensure the original policyholder is taking benefit of the policy.



Ensures that there is no spoofing in availing insurance benefits. Customer ID is validated + tagged with Biometric + Video-based Liveness verification.

Automated Claim Submission

Biocube helps in obtaining claims hassle-free through automated claim submission.

Automated Verification

Biocube delivers a quality experience to consumers without compromising the security by automating the verification process.

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