How It Works

In voice biometrics, a user's voice is used as a unique identity to authenticate them as an individual and/or to personalize their experiences. In addition to voice verification, speaker detection, and speaker identification, the technology is known under several other names.

BIOCUBE delivers unmatched functionality and accuracy with its voice biometrics service, CLEARVOICE. The service combines industry-leading research and expertise in voice with artificial intelligence to deliver robust and accurate speaker recognition.

User’s basic details & 400+ unique voice features will be captured

Captured biometrics will be 256 encrypted by ClearVoice AI algorithm

Encrypted Biometrics will be synced to the database and also stored on the user’s phone/tablet

AI will match the voice frequency against the database in Real-time and identify the individual



  • Anti-Spoofing
  • Omnichannel Identification
  • Active Voice Cancellation support
  • Advanced Voice Activity detection
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