subodh sir with President Tinbu2

Mr. Subodh Narain Agrawal along with the Biocube Technologies team had the honor to meet with H.E. President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Tinubu Bola A., H.E. Mr. Yusuf Tuggar, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and H.E. Dr. Doris Anite MD, CFA, Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment.

subodh sir with President Tinbu2
subodh sir with President Tinbu1

The discussion was truly fruitful – Nigeria’s visionary leaders appreciate and recognize the potential of Biocube’s patented biometric technology to transform the nation’s digital identity framework. This technology can lay the foundation for a secure, transparent, and accountable governance ecosystem, benefitting citizens in various areas like paperless Visa & Immigration, secure Digital Transport, Quality Education, enhanced Healthcare & Insurance, secure omnichannel Banking, efficient AI & data Analytics-driven Video Surveillance, and more.

subodh sir with President Tinbu

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