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New Delhi, 9th Feb 2023: Biocube’s founder and executive chairman, Subodh Narain Agrawal, spoke at the 46th Joint Meeting of the India-Japan Business Cooperation Committee (IJBCC) on the need for “Industrial Collaboration in the Digital Decade” at FICCI. Mr. Agrawal focused on strengthening the digital partnerships between the two countries that were initiated after the Indo-Japan Science and Technology Cooperation in 1985. During this tenure, notable achievements, including MoUs, Lols, and other contracts, were signed in the field of 5G, AI, and telecom supply chains. 

Subodh stressed on individual & complementary strengths of India and Japan, which are the key ingredient for the digital partnership between these two nations. He mentioned that Japan is a frontrunner in high technology and innovation and extends its prowess into AI, fintech, rate earth & advanced material, critical cyber infrastructure, and advancing resilient supply chains. On the other hand, India has large market demand for infrastructure demand, an abundant workforce, high economic growth, the need to build smart islands and smart cities, a vibrant start-up culture and ecosystem, and a proving ground for big tech due to diversity, which makes a perfect fit for Japan’s tech leadership to flourish. 

Mr. Agrawal also pointed out that in today’s digital world, digital transformation is vital for all businesses, from small to enterprises, to improve the efficiency of their operations & result in fewer human errors, thereby minimizing operational costs. Strong authentication mechanisms are key to any such Digital transformation efforts to manage the identity of customers, employees & any other stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. Identity is the backbone of the digital economy. 

During his speech, Mr. Agrawal stated that biometric authentication enhances user journey and convenience while ensuring security. He mentioned that ‘Biocube’s new-age methods offer such advantages and simultaneously avoid costly hardware installation. The new solution has redefined traditional identity systems and comes with touchless multifactor authentication that takes a fraction of a second for biometric matching.


Moreover, the multimodal verification methods are interoperable through existing device platforms such as mobile, tablets, laptops, or IP cameras. The user data is encrypted into a code/ciphered text and stored in the user app, thus eliminating any data/identity theft or leakage risk. The information is unreadable even if the hackers try to breach the system. So Biocube’s bio-auth is far superior in security and convenience to other multifactor authentication modes available globally.

Biocube’s biometric authentication can be used for border security, visa, immigration, remote self-service KYC, etc., which increases the speed of operation & makes the overall system much more secure & fraudproof. Moreover, the source verification linkages along with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine capabilities, enable matching user records against a million data points in a matter of seconds. Besides intelligence agencies, it is being used by PM Daksh Yojna to mark user presence across centers nationwide. The initiative of a secure biometric authentication source will strengthen digital relationships between India and Japan and work harmoniously to build innovations in the upcoming years. 

Notable dignitaries from both nations, such as Mr. Anurag Jain, Secretary, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India, H.E. Hiroshi Suzuki Ambassador of Japan to India, Mr. Onkar Kanwar Chairman of IJBCC and Chairman, Apollo Tyres, and Mr. Tatsuo Yasunaga san, Chairman of JIBCC also shared their views on the need of India – Japan collaboration in digitization & sustainable society.

About Biocube

Biocube Technologies Inc. is a leader in touchless biometric technology. Since its inception in 2019, the company has developed fingerprint, palm, eye, voice, and face recognition solutions. The company’s interoperable AI and ML-based systems help companies and government bodies use their existing technology, making it cost-effective. 

The company’s technology is foolproof and tamperproof, as it requires multifactor biometric authentication and liveness. It is one of the safest solutions for linking visas, immigration, financial, and other sensitive documents, making the user journey smooth while saving time and eliminating queues.
Biocube has offices in India, the US, and the UK and is expanding its global footprint. Click here to learn more about Biocube’s technology.