How Visitor Access Management System can Enhance Guest Experience?

An organization has multiple visitors, from walk-in interviewees to scheduled meetings between inside sales executives and potential customers. According to a source, 118 applicants show interest in a job, and 1 out of 5 often gets shortlisted. Such candidates often visit the job location for their next or final rounds.

On the other hand, clients like to meet the BD executives or heads of departments to understand more about the products and services offered. On average, a company could have 3-5 physical client visits every few months. With such a variation in the types of visitors, ensuring a memorable first-time experience becomes necessary. 

Today, enterprises use various visitor access management systems to achieve this goal, ranging from specialized hardware to contactless biometrics. Today, we will discuss how the best solution can enhance the guest experience.

The Right Visitor Management System Can Revamp Guest Experience

Avoids Queues & Saves Time

Delivering the best level of visitor experience begins by streamlining the visitation process. Scheduled guests should not have to wait in queues to talk to a receptionist, who would further relay the message to the meeting host. Unfortunately, such practice continues at places with specialized hardware or register-based systems.

But why is the reception queued? The sign-up methods for visitations at the enterprise entry point often follow outdated mandates like putting full details such as person to meeting, purpose, full name, and contact information. It’s a hassle, and the right visitor management system can remove this burden.

A face recognition system with the option of pre-scheduled meetings can significantly achieve this purpose and eliminate queues. Moreover, it is more cost-effective, eco-friendly, and secure than traditional or physical access systems. A practical solution can simply allow the visitor to seamlessly access the premises with face recognition at single or multiple points and focus more on the critical points of discussion. 

The meeting host is happier upon receiving notification of the guest’s arrival without a call from the receptionist. The front desk administrators no longer need to manage the exhausting call flow, as it has been substantially reduced. 

So, it’s a Win-Win for all!

Simplifies the Checkout Process

The checkout experience of a visitor at any premise is as vital as the check-in. It will leave a good or bad impression on the guests. At times, enterprises don’t follow the proper norms of the checkout process, which leads to hesitation about a new visit to the premises in the guests’ minds.

Many enterprises with specialized hardware like RFIDs or chip cards also incur financial losses when guests don’t submit the cards at the exit gate. On the other hand, enterprises with security guards manage the checkout timings on the register and often leave it blank, as they don’t have knowledge of the first-time visitors.

Such discrepancies lead to wrongful interpretations of the employees meeting the guests, especially if they are being paid hourly. A face recognition solution for managing visitors can systematically eliminate such risks and grant a seamless checkout process to the visitors. 

Moreover, the guests no longer need to make new entries, as their digital information is already available to the administrators, which revamps the revisitation experience, too.

Keeps Everyone Informed

A meeting host must pre-book a meeting room and parking space and inform the guests and attendees beforehand. In the digital age, managing meetings has become much more accessible through calendars. However, they still lag behind the parking booking system.

Therefore, the meeting host connects with the in-house administrator to pre-book a parking slot, who relays the information to the building head or the security guards. At the time of the meeting, the gate guard confirms the visitor’s name with the host and allows entrance into the parking of the building.

Such a process is a hassle for all. A face recognition visitor access control system with systematic logs of managing vehicle and parking information can streamline this process without the need to undergo a problematic process. Moreover, it can keep everyone informed in advance and before the meeting, allowing seamless access to the building premises. 

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Incorporating the right visitor access management system can significantly enhance the guest experience and even make it memorable for a few. Contactless biometric technology enables enterprises to achieve it with the added facilities of pre-booking meetings and parking spaces.

Moreover, such solutions eliminate the risk of suffering from discrepancies in the meeting duration, guest/hostnames, and contact information. Simultaneously, they have made the RFID or chip card systems outdated.

A face recognition visitor access control system can enhance the checkout and revisitation processes without risking enterprise security. Contact us to implement our state-of-the-art visitor management system at your enterprise and take advantage of its seamless benefits. 

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