Video Analytics is upgrading the safety and security of hospitals

Video Analytics empowers patient care centers like hospitals to derive actional insights from their installed cameras. The solution revamps the security and safety of all present on the premises and overcomes the drawbacks of traditional surveillance systems.

Hospitals are one of the most visited places in a city. According to a report, patient visits to a health center jumped from 77 million in 2010 to 114 million in 2020 in the US alone. We can assume a drastic increase, thereafter, due to the pandemic. However, if we notice the average number of visits in a year, the numbers have drastically increased, and based on the data, it will increase more in the coming years. 

Hospitals have a stringent budget and need to hire staff that can swiftly onboard users and decreases the queues to enhance the customer experience. Unfortunately, the traditional methods of filling forms, asking for personal details, and uploading any insurance documents become a handful during emergencies, as well as, during regular checkups. 

While the problems associated with hospital procedures are a separate issue, the problem of intrusion, drug diversion, regulatory compliance failures, infant abduction, and others are much more concerning for hospital administrators. Video Analytics can keep watch on premises and curate insights that can boost the safety and security of all present.

4 Ways Video Analytics Can Upgrade the Security & Safety of Hospitals

  1. Detect Intrusion in Real-Time

Surveillance systems are installed at the best hospitals. They keep a watch on all present inside the corridor and monitor activities. Unfortunately, they require manual intervention. Any delay in reporting can result in serious repercussions. For example, an AI-driven video analytics solution can detect intrusion in real-time. So, security alerts will get issues instantaneously if anyone enters restricted areas without approval. At times, gunmen enter the premises. Under such a circumstance, the video analytics solution can send alerts to the security team. 

The responder can direct people to secure areas or exits without delay. Moreover, the analytics solution can issue alerts if it notices objects like guns or knives before they become dangerous to patients and staff members.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Infant Abduction

According to a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children report, 140 infant abductions happened between 1964 and Septem 2021 from health care facilities by non-family members, of which five children were still missing. 

The report further elaborates that 82, 22, 19, and 17 of them were done from the mother’s room, on-premise, nursery, and pediatrics rooms, respectively.  66 abductors disguised as a nurse or health care workers, whereas 13 acted like a relative, a friend, or an acquaintance. 

Setting up video analytics solutions in such areas can significantly monitor and track the movements of visitors, staff members, patients, and others. If the system detects unauthorized entries or exits, it will also send alerts to the security team. So, it will significantly decrease the chances of infant abductions.

  1. Diminishes the Chances of Thefts

In 2021, 3773 burglaries in the US happened in hospitals, drug stores, or doctor’s offices. Such thefts result in high financial losses and hamper patient care. Besides medication, the thieves take away lifesaving equipment and supplies, which also results in the same drawbacks.

A video analytics system can trigger alerts of shoplifting through its abnormal behavior detection feature. The biggest advantage of the solution is that it doesn’t require manual intervention and can work 24x7x365.

Moreover, medication or equipment taken by doctors or other healthcare professionals will get instantly noticed by the system and an alert will be sent to the authorities, ensuring no theft instances. The surveillance system will notice the entries and exits along with timestamps to curate daily reports or live feedback on a dashboard, which can prove beneficial during post-investigation.

  1. Perimeter Security and Patient Search

Many times, patients suffering from severe problems have issues in handling their behavior and cause outbursts leading to severe harm to the nurse, doctor, or other people on the premise. Under such a circumstance, the video analytics software can alert the security team and send someone to handle the situation.

The solution can even search for a patient that is no longer in the allocated area and help to reduce instances of outdoor wandering. The analytics also reveals any overstays or suspicious activities noticed by the CCTV system, which often get missed when monitoring manually. 

Another benefit of installing the video surveillance and analytics solution is that it can easily detect anomalies like patients that have left the patient care center without authorization, or any prisoner that came in as a patient but is en route to escaping the hospital. Instant alerts will decrease the time to search for the staff and increase the chance of preventing escapes or wandering.


Unlike traditional CCTV systems, video analytics is an AI-driven solution that can send multiple alerts to keep the patient care center staff on their toes and enhance staff, patient & public safety. The solution reduces the workload of the security team at hospitals, nursing homes, and other patient care centers by keeping a watch on prescriptions, objects, intrusions, and other important aspects.

Video Analytics overcomes the drawbacks associated with traditional monitoring systems by making use of pre-installed CCTV cameras. It heightens operational efficiency with real-time feedback, body posture detection, perimeter security, and more.

Biocube’s video analytics solution also assists in managing parking, curating insights for assisting in post-investigations, and sending customizable alerts for unrecognized objects. If you’d like to experience it at your organization, contact us for more details.