Video analytics in Parking management system

The global smart parking market is expected to reach $3.8 billion by the end of this year. A smart parking system is a solution that uses video analytics, machine learning, and other technologies to curate real-time data for parking management.

Smart parking software has become a cost-effective solution to finding legal parking areas and issuing challans for unauthorized parking. Using such systems has reduced the workload of parking supervisors or law enforcement officers.

Such a solution has even reduced accidents or traffic jams, which has become a boon for avid drivers as it results in the free flow of vehicles. The application of video analytics in parking management systems also offers advantages like recognizing regular defaulters, identifying occupancy left in the parking space, finding the right parking spot, and more.

Video Analytics is Boosting the Parking Management Systems

Video Analytics Recognizes Number Plates

Businesses offer paid parking spaces every month. Unfortunately, such spaces often get occupied by unauthorized persons, which creates a queue at the gate and longer waiting times for taking out the vehicle en route to an outdoor space.

Moreover, if the person is adamant, it could take minutes to find the vehicle owner and notify them to remove it from the space, which could again take a few minutes, draining the productivity of multiple employees and hours of multiple businesses.

A video analytics number plate recognition system can offer resolution by alerting the security authorities of such activities in real time and avoiding such chaos. Furthermore, one of the major causes of roadblocks is illegal parking in outdoor spaces. The person’s vehicle may get towed away, issued a challan, or both.

At times, a vehicle driver deliberately parks in an unauthorized spot with a sign of a tow away zone or no parking to avoid the hassle of parking in a mall, as it is time-consuming, especially during off hours, and faces dire consequences.

Informing the vehicle owners in the case of a towed away vehicle is more challenging for the officers, as the vehicle reaches the authority’s space, gets registered for a challan, and then the owner receives a notification. Meanwhile, the owner can think that the vehicle was stolen and report it to the police.

The information travels through channels and reaches the owner in a few days. A video analytics solution can help to avoid such a scenario and reduce instances of vehicle towing by identifying spots where the vehicle owner can easily park.

Video Analytics Minimizes Public Harm and Accidents

In 2021, the Delhi Traffic Police issued on-the-spot prosecutions for the improper parking of more than 463,000 vehicles. In the same year, 40% of pedestrians were killed in road accidents in Delhi, the capital city of India. 

Public harm due to improper parking has become a common problem that can be addressed by offering parking assistance via a video analytics solution. The solution can maintain the correct occupancy of parking spaces and avoid accidents due to vehicle overcrowding.

Moreover, vehicle occupancy management through such a solution can enhance the driver’s experience, as the driver can easily enter and exit the parking lots. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers can focus on traffic management instead of issuing challans to vehicles parked in the red zone.

Curate Analytics for Objects in Parking Spaces

The FBI’s Unabomber is a tragic example of a package that was left in the parking lot of the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus, which was later found out to be a bomb that exploded at Northwestern University. A video analytics solution can detect objects in the parking lot and send notifications of abnormal body posture or behavior. So, the chances of bombs exploding in a parking lot can significantly decrease as the authorities get alerted in real-time.

The solution can also prove useful in enhancing lost and found objects, as it can find the exact locations of a person in a space and build a pattern, with further assistance to detect a lost object, such as a bottle, bag, mobile, laptop, etc. It can also curate alerts about vehicle thefts or break-ins.

On the other hand, security guards don’t need to monitor surveillance cameras or take rounds to find objects that could harm public safety or lead to traffic inside the parking lots.


Video analytics solutions can revamp parking management systems by curating insights and detecting anomalies that humans could otherwise ignore. The AI-driven solution monitors and curates analytics on body posture, vehicle movements, parking spaces, and other aspects to help parking supervisors facilitate smooth vehicle movement in parking lots.

It helps the security personnel know accurately about objects in the parking space and utilizes the video feeds to curate insights during post-investigations to find vehicle theft or damaging culprits.
Furthermore, it helps alert the security guards about activities in the parking space and take necessary action against anomalies. Biocube’s video analytics integrates with the existing CCTV systems and is functional via a smartphone to offer on-the-go insights to the surveillance administrator. Get in touch with us to learn more about our solution.