leave management system (LMS)

Leave Management Systems (LMS) have become vital to every organization. HR and administrators often understand the value of such a system. An LMS is a database of employee leave database, holidays, absenteeism, and other aspects.

The record-keeping Leave Management System offers many functionalities to managers, employees, accountants, and supervisors, which makes payout, streamlining warning reports, etc., much more convenient.

According to Verified Market Research, the absence and LMS market size was $0.96 billion in 2022 and will reach $2.20 billion by 2030. 

Absence And Leave Management system

Importance of Leave Leave Management System

Leave Management System Importance: Before moving ahead with the crucial benefits of LMS, it is essential to understand its importance. Every organization curates a leave policy defining the number of paid, casual, sick, and other leaves. It also includes the conditions under which the leave will or won’t get approved. Such a leave policy enables streamlining the leave management of employees.

Moreover, it helps maintain accurate attendance records and payouts. A leave management system uses the leave policy guidelines and implements them accurately. It eliminates the requirement of tracking leaves manually. So, the demand for such a system is drastically increasing.

3 Most Crucial Benefits of a Leave Management System

1. Understanding the Employee Behaviour

Every organization has employees who take near negligible, occasional, or frequent leaves. A leave management system enables employers to understand the leave pattern of each employee. 

As a result, they can analyze their behavior in the coming months or years and relay the information to managers or supervisors, who can help plan the work. For example, many employees take yearly leave during Maha Shivratri for a week or ten days. 

So, the manager can easily detect the employees who might take leave during March and assign work accordingly.

2. Better Upkeep of Leave Balance

An LMS is one of the most efficient ways to maintain employees’ leaves. The admin can have a seamless view of the types of leaves left in the year for each employee. On the other hand, the employee can view the leaves they can encash or apply during the year.

An LMS helps to maintain the leave records without error, as it doesn’t require human intervention. Moreover, it updates the leave balance of the employee based on company policy. 

For example, suppose an organization grants 2.5 Paid Leaves to every employee in a month. In that case, the record will update the information at the beginning of the month or after the payout cycle without requiring any secondary effort.

3. Decreases the Workload of the Admins

An efficient leave management system diminishes the workload of the administrator and the HR staff, as it automatically updates the data. Moreover, it even informs authorized personnel about negative balances and helps create correct payouts.

Additionally, an LMS helps to enhance an organization’s Attendance Management System (AMS), as it updates accurate information about the types of leaves. Employees can also supervise their records and raise requests for regularization.

The managers, supervisors, and administrators can review the raised requests and approve/disapprove the leave on a digital dashboard. So, it makes the AMS and LMS more transparent for all users.


Global organizations have realized the importance of LMS and AMS. They have become a need of the hour as they streamline many processes and reduce dependency on human resources. A comprehensive Leave Management System (LMS) can ensure data accuracy, integration with AMS, and a customizable dashboard, which are some of the best characteristics.

Biocube LMS is part of its Attendance Management System module and comes jampacked with such features. The app-driven solution, TruNtrance, available on Google Play and Apple App Store, helps employees mark attendance and take leaves on the go.

Simultaneously, it even allows supervisors, managers, and administrators to view and approve/disapprove leave requests on a customizable dashboard. Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss how our solution can empower your organization with efficient leave management.