voice recognition biometrics

The use of physical or behavioral characteristics as a means of biometric recognition is becoming very common day by day. An individual’s face, voice, eye, and fingerprint can be used to mark attendance, access accounts, ensure premise security, and more.

Voice is typical and unique to an individual. It helps software offering business services to provide its advantages after identifying the character traits. It has become possible through the intervention of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies that assist during the identification and authentication processes.

A biometric voice recognition solution is a contactless and passwordless system that identifies the speaker’s behavioral characteristics individually or with a massive database (1:1 or 1:N) through a specialized device or a regular smartphone or tablet. If the system detects an anomaly, such as tampering, it flags and sends a report to the administrators. If the individual is identified without an error, authentication is granted instantaneously.

Biometric Voice Recognition: How Does it Work?

The biometric voice recognition process begins with inputting the speech imprints on a device by repeating the words mentioned or through conversational speech. The two forms are commonly referred to as text-dependent and text-independent voice recognition techniques.

The text-independent method often has a secondary advantage of no storage on a device. It uses unique speech characteristics to create an amazing biometric set for offering the benefits offered by the service provider.

After successfully enrolling or onboarding an individual, identification is the next stage, involving undergoing 1:1 or 1:N checks to determine the end user. The last stage is authentication, wherein the voice recognition system determines whether the end user’s characteristics are credible and grants/denies access or authentication.


Biometric voice recognition is one of the most secure methods of authenticating an individual and ensuring regulated premise access. Systems driven by this technology can offer enhanced user convenience and heightened security to the organization.

Moreover, using any form of biometric technology is being favored by organizations as it is challenging, time-consuming, and costly to replicate. Moreover, the contactless digital identity solutions incorporated with this technology can even eliminate the risk of catching a contagious disease.

Businesses using AI, ML, and data analytics-driven voice technology solutions also benefit from learning more about tampering attempts, enhanced employee efficiency, and smoother visitor access management.

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