biometrics reshaping air travel - biometrics in air travel

Biometrics in airports are streamlining onboarding, security checks, and luggage. Using fingerprints or facial recognition as digital identities enhances the traveler’s experience and eliminates the risk of identity fraud.

Moreover, the usage of biometrics in airports is prominent across the globe. A survey conducted last year shows that 46% of global travelers used biometrics as digital identities at airports. The percentage has significantly increased by 12% compared to 2022.

Furthermore, according to a report, the airport biometric automation market size was predicted to reach $389 million in 2022, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20% beginning in 2018. Biometrics will soon become the most commonly used digital identity at airports and sea ports, and it has a vast number of applications. We uncover some of the ongoing uses of face or fingerprint recognition at airports.

3 Most Common Uses of Biometrics at Airports

Seamless Onboarding for Passengers

The most significant advantage of biometrics at airports is that they provide seamless end-to-end to the traveler, beginning from check-in to boarding. Passengers no longer need to wait in queues and can use their biometric digital identity for verification and validation.

The traveler’s biometric information is attached to the ticket and online visa application. The status of the information is readily available on the passenger’s device and at the online kiosks installed at the airport.

As a result, the traveler can easily verify the biometric identity at the kiosks and avoid queues or tedious verification processes. On the other hand, it saves the airport authority time and enhances their productivity. Simultaneously, it even revamps security at the checkpoints, as it keeps the airport authority in the loop about the passengers that have been onboarded.

Enhances the Baggage Experience

Another way that biometrics as a digital identity streamlines the airport experience of travelers is by linking the ID with baggage information. The best biometric identity app for travelers installed at the airport includes baggage counter information and reduces the burden of the traveler.

The passenger can verify their biometric identity at the self-bag drop and manage their luggage check-in conveniently, without any dependency on the authority, except for the updated information.

Simultaneously, it minimizes the time taken for the baggage check-in and makes the journey paperless. Besides this, biometrics secure the luggage of the traveler by ensuring that the correct individual receives it and makes it less prone to theft or loss.

Revamps Security with Multiple Applications

While we uncovered many aspects of biometrics at airports that enhance security, this one takes the lead. The best biometric apps come with in-built AML (Anti Money Laundering), PEP (Publically Exposed Persons), and sanction checks during the Know Your Passenger verification process.

Therefore, airport security can take security measures in advance for any of the people on the list. Moreover, face recognition technology scales down the border crossings or traveling with fake identities. As a result, it safeguards the biometric identity of the passengers.

Moreover, biometrics have become a part of video analytics. So, face recognition technology can quickly identify suspicious individuals using sophisticated methods to trick the airport authority. The elimination of such people from airports makes other travelers’ journeys safer and more secure.


Biometric digital identity at airports is significantly altering the air travel experience and streamlining the process of the airport authority and the immigration staff. Moreover, they are resulting in revamping the security and convenience of all involved individuals.

Therefore, the application of contactless biometrics at airports and seaports has become vast and will significantly increase in the coming years. We can say this for a fact due to the rapidly growing airport biometric automation market size.

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