biometric attendance management machine - desadvantages

Building and premise security is essential for all organizations, not only for avoiding data breaches but also for granting seamless access to the workforce and visitors. Nowadays, biometric attendance machines can be seen in most offices, especially in metro cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.

The age of securing access to organizations has already dawned upon us; however, biometric machines are not the best solution. We cite many reasons that prove that security and access become inconvenient through these specialized hardware systems.

3 Disadvantages of Biometric Attendance Machines You Can’t Overlook!

High Cost!

The cost of security for organizations looking at biometric machine systems often comes at a hefty price. The installation of the specialized hardware is an additional cost that puts a further dent in the capital expenditure.

Moreover, most specialized biometric hardware offers single utility functionality. For example, you can’t use a fingerprint scanner as a face recognition device or an eye scanner as a voice recognition system. 

The lack of multimodal capability is a severe drawback, as it hinders access or attendance at the organization and demands frequent intervention on behalf of the customer service and the HR and Admin departments, draining the productivity of the enterprise. So, it doesn’t only create financial loss through installation but also through excessive workforce utilization.

Zero Remote Operability

Specialized biometric machine installed at an office only functions within it. It cannot be removed easily and demands excessive re-installation charges (just in case you are trying to move your office).

Growing enterprises often have employees engage in remote work or offsite visitations. The unavailability of a solution to mark their attendance or presence at a given location comes at the cost of additional burden on the manager.

The manager becomes the sole person responsible for ensuring that the employees have reached the location and have believed their word. The time shift monitoring process often hampers the productivity of the management. 

At times, they may rely on the employee’s word of mouth and may not even approve time slots in which the employee was not even present at the location. It means the company is incurring a cost for which the services haven’t been rendered. All of this could be avoided if the system was capable of remote attendance tracking or time shift monitoring.

Frequent System Failures

Biometric attendance machines often come with frequent system disruptions and a high failure rate. It happens when the system is unable to identify the individual’s face, fingerprint, or other biometrics with the stored information in the database. Many times, the specialized biometric systems require hard resets and re-registration of the biometrics while doing onboarding. 

Such instances create inconvenience for the end user, lodge wrongful time stamps, as the end user is engaged in the re-registration process, and demand waiting at the entrance gates, queuing up others. Under such circumstances, every employee has to undergo the same process of re-registration and await final approval from the administrators.

What is the Best Alternative to Biometric Attendance Machines?

The best secure and convenient alternative for seamless access, attendance, and authentication at an organization is switching to contactless biometric systems. Such a solution should have built-in measures like liveness detection, geolocation, AES 256 encryption, and geofencing to ensure the highest security.

Biocube’s TruNtrance is one of the best face recognition-driven employee attendance and visitor access management solutions. It comes assisted with such features and enhances user convenience through multimodal operability. Moreover, it can quickly help remote users mark their attendance without the requirement of specialized hardware. 


Biometric attendance machines have become a thing of the past. Users in organizations with systems constantly get hassled and rely heavily on the word of mouth of the employee to mark accurate attendance.

Moreover, the specialized machines come at a hefty cost, with frequent charges for technical visits, hardware updates, and initial installation charges. The machines also incur frequent system failures, which require hardware resets and the involvement of technicians, administrators, and HR department managers.

As a result, such hazards hamper the overall efficiency of the organization and create further financial losses, which directly impact capital expenditure. The best alternative for organizations searching for a secure, budget-friendly, and convenient system is a contactless biometric system.

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