Streamlining Immigration Procedures with Bio-Auth

Assuring the credibility of a digital identity is a challenge for border security and immigration officers with the growing sophisticated methods of identity thefts/fraud. Biocube’s FastImmigration heightens border security and immigrant convenience with tamperproof & spoof-free mechanisms of bio authentication.

The solution minimizes waiting times, checkpost queues, and identity validation time with its in-built AI/source-driven risk scoring systems, passive liveness, and photo criminal identification. FastImmigration is a next-gen product that even revamps user experience with 1:N authentication, multifaceted recognition in a single frame, & accurate face identification, even with hair, spectacles, or mask.  

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Key Features
Closely Watch Personal

Real-time monitoring & verification of individuals to minimize security threats.

Instant Biometric Authentication

Swift access at immigration gates via automated verification using a range of edge devices.

Risk-based Alerts

Stay up-to-date on people exceeding their visa deadlines with real-time notifications.

Post Immigration Services

Watch the post-immigration activities of persons of interest on a customized dashboard.

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How Does it Work?

FastImmigration is a biometric immigration processing solution that minimizes the burden of manual airport checks with contactless biometric authentication at checkpoints & paperless documentation. It relieves the immigration officers from the burden of manually validating the authenticity of the identity, visa immigration, and other documents through an AI or source-driven risk scoring system & passive liveness detection.

The cutting-edge identity validation methods directly heighten border security by minimizing instances of identity theft.

Online Check-in

Web check-in from mobile/web portal & link travel or visa details. Downloadable smart digital immigration QR sent directly to an immigrant's email.

Immigrant Identification

Face authentication with liveness check - immigrant identified and risk score reviewed from the backend.

Analytical Risk Scores

Detailed immigrant profile & risk report generated on a customizable dashboard with AI/manual decision-making support system.

Gate Pass & Immigrant Profiling

Automated/manual gate opening and a consolidated immigrant log with reporting & analytics.

Key Benefits
Frictionless & Easy Transit

Easy bio-auth-based transit of verified citizens or passengers with minimal manual intervention.

Swifter Decision Making

Contactless biometric authentication-based immigration process and AI-enabled decision support to minimize errors.

Increased Productivity

A seamless immigration experience is provided through self-service biometric authentication at access and identity verification locations.

Increases Staff Productivity

Enhance workforce productivity with contactless biometric authentication at checkpoints reducing verification time and minimizing queues.

Revamps Border Security

Security is improved with contactless biometric authentication - No risk of false identity-based border crossing.

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