Bio-ID Linked Visa Process

Visa application & processing to get entry permission in any country can be very intimidating, time-consuming and tedious, as it involves lots of paperwork and multiple physical visits to the visa centres for identity validation, biometrics capturing, document submission etc. These physical process-oriented systems are time-consuming, costly and consume huge manpower.

On the other hand, the evolution of Gen-2 systems like e-Visa through web portals, where users can simply upload their documents and apply for visas is not fully secure & tamperproof, as there is no real-time check on the identity of the person applying for the visa & the authenticity of the documents. A few countries need additional steps of physical verification, biometric capturing etc. to circumvent these risks, thus making the overall process again complicated, time-consuming, inefficient & inconvenient for the users.

Biocube’s next-gen Bio-ID linked self-service Visa application helps travellers in experiencing a seamless, end-to-end digital process on their personal devices, from the comfort of home, tightly coupling traveller’s verified identity, biometrics and other necessary documentation submitted in digital format backed by his bio-signature, by eliminating any manual intervention and tedious paperwork. Also, based on the linkage with the source database, real-time blacklist check & 360-degree profile analytics can be done to assure that visa applications are submitted with zero risk.

The Biocube solution at one end ensures maximum convenience for the travellers applying for visas & the quickest turnaround time and on the other hand, for the issuing agencies/ consulates, it ensures complete security, maximum efficiency through automation & digitization of the system and delivery of better service at a much lower cost to the travellers.


Paperless Visa Application

Flexible visa application with integrated biometrics, identity and all documents linked on a single platform, on travellers’ own devices - Self-service, Paperless, Convenient

Minimised Impersonation Frauds

Multi-factor biometrics with liveness detection, source-based/AI-enabled ID verification along with financial data check ensures no impersonation fraud in visa application

360-Degree Profiling

Predictive AI-enabled travellers’ profile analytics with integrated risk scoring and an easy decision support module for smoothening the visa approval process

Efficient & Secure

Biocube’s AI-based self-service digital visa ensures minimum turnaround time & operational cost, thus delivering an efficient and completely secure process

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