How It Works

Unlike traditional iris recognition based on specialized hardware, Biocube's AI-dependent periocular EyeAI recognition offers more cost-effectiveness and accuracy.

It is easier to obscure or alter an individual's fingers than it is to do so with their eyes, so eye socket-based recognition & authentication is faster & more reliable than fingerprint scans.

AI-based Periocular biometrics captures unique patterns in eye socket geometry, patterns etc...

Eye AI picks up unique patterns & encrypts them into bit sized digital numbers in the database or edge devices

Accurate Interoperable periocular recognition even from a reasonable distance from the user's eye

Based on the captured Biometrics access will be granted to the user



  • Compatible with edge devices and cloud
  • No specialized IRIS Scanning device
  • Not harmful to eyes like infra-red rays
  • Cannot be spoofed by any lens/ device on the eyes
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