Key Concerns

Outdated Identity & Access Management Mandates

Costly Softwares

The traditional attendance & access systems strain the budget due to high software implementation, training, support, and recurring upgradation costs.

Time-Consuming Processes

Manual checks and raising tickets for access control are outdated processes that consume and drain the workforce's productivity.

High Risk of Tampering

Paper-based identity cards offer a high risk of tampering and often result in data/security breaches and identity thefts or manipulation.

Threat to Data Security

Many attendance management systems which include bank account information often become a victim of cyberattacks & put sensitive info at risk.



Bio-Auth Based Access & Attendance

  • Passive Liveness
  • 100% accuracy even with new facial hair, obstructions, spectacles & sunglasses
  • Deduplication
  • Temperature detection
  • Multifaced recognition in single frame
  • Age detection
  • Search with photo criminal Identification
  • 1:1 & 1:N authentication
  • With mask recognition

Multi-Factor Biometrics on Regular Edge Devices

  • A combinations of two or more factor bio-authentication, assuring the highest level of spoof proofing & authenticity
  • 1200+ unique features based analysis using a proprietary algorithm
  • Randomized authentication challenge provides an element of surprise
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