Key Concerns

Inconvenient & Poorly Secured Air Travel Experiences

Costly Hardware

The cost of installing and upgrading specialized hardware and kiosks strains the budget.

Security Risks

Avoiding specialized hardware leads to compromised security & makes systems vulnerable to identity theft & associated fraud.

Bad User Experience

Paper documentation and manual checks at kiosks derail the onboarding & check-in process.

Lowers Staff Productivity

Manually identifying and verifying documents takes 15-20 minutes, draining the airline staff's productivity.



Redefining the Air Travel Experience with Bio-Identity - Say Goodbye to Long Waiting Lines

  • Traveller Self-service Bio Check-In Airport passengers & hotel guests can experience an easy and user-friendly check-in process by linking their devices to their biometrics, verified ID, and travel itineraries.
  • Seamless End-to-End Travel Contactless Entry, Check-in, and Checkout at every journey stage, with simple bio-auth on a tablet, camera, or mobile and a real-time update on the admin dashboard.
  • Personalized Services Analytics-driven customer profiling & transaction behaviour mapping for tailored services to travellers by the airlines & hotels, creating cross-sell, upsell opportunities.
  • Enhanced Security Verified ID-based access at each stage provides comprehensive security & alerts in case of any anomaly. Also, if required, traveller identity can be verified from the watchlist.

Unified & Unparalleled Offerings

Key Benefits

  • Contactless Authentication Air travelers no longer need to press their fingerprint/palm or swipe a card on specialized hardware at check-in gates. The AI solution enables login through contactless bio scans.
  • Personal Data Privacy Documents linked to Biocube’s Bio-IDs remain secure from unauthorized access due to interoperable functionality, auto-deletion of data, and internet independence.
  • Eliminate Overcrowding & Queues Frictionless identity authentication through self-service onboarding and check-ins via IDenTrip eliminates airport queues and overcrowding.
  • Higher Efficiency & Lower Cost Biocube’s autonomous solution, IDenTrip, reduces costs due to paperless user onboarding and check-in. It also revamps efficiency by removing waiting time for document validation.
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