Key Concerns

Highly Insecure and Inconvenient Visa Process

Multiple Centre Visits

Most travellers visit the visa offices multiple times to get their visas quickly and avoid major losses.

Growing Identity Fraud

Criminals use synthetic/fake IDs for the visa application process to launder money, traffick drugs, finance terrorists, etc.

Threat to National Security

Many illegal migrants engage in unsolicited activities under a duped identity, hindering national security.

Costly & Time-Consuming Processes

Long paper trails consume a lot of time and drain the workforce’s productivity, leading to derailed responsiveness.



3rd Gen Contactless Visa Application Processing

  • Paperless Visa Application Flexible visa application with integrated biometrics, identity, and all documents linked on a single platform on travelers’ devices - Self-service, Paperless, & Convenient.
  • Minimizes Impersonation Frauds Multi-factor biometrics with liveness detection, source-based/AI-enabled ID verification, and financial data check to ensure no impersonation fraud in visa applications.
  • 360-Degree Profiling Predictive AI-enabled travelers’ profile analytics with integrated risk scoring and an easy decision support module for smoothening the visa approval process.
  • Efficient & Secure Biocube’s AI-based self-service digital visa ensures minimum turnaround time & operational cost, thus delivering an efficient and completely secure process.

Unified & Unparalleled Offerings

Key Benefits

  • Enhances Security & Safety Easy monitoring and customized profiling with multifactor and multimodal biometric authentication methods minimize the risk of illegal migrants and identity fraud.
  • Exceptional User Experience Real-time identity verification enables seamless visa processing, faster application results, and minimized visa center visits, enabling better user experiences.
  • Lowers the Cost of Visa Application Processing Easy integration of contactless biometric authentication eliminates paper trails and reduces the need for additional workforces, resulting in higher productivity and lower application costs.
  • Enables Better Decision Making Predictive analytics-based risk scoring and decision support AI to highlight impersonators and take real-time actions.
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