Key Concerns

Stringent KYC Verification & Validation Norms

Time-Consuming Process

The traditional KYC process is inefficient & time-consuming due to physical documentation and verification by an agent.

Inconsistency in Data Standardization

Banks and financial institutions have data discrepancies due to inconsistent form-filling by customers and non-unified documentation.

Changing Needs of the Users

Digital account opening and user onboarding have shifted the interest of online users to modern methods of authentication & KYC documentation.

Video & Image Tampering

Spoofed or tampered videos/images/texts fail to detect AML and PEP and are used by criminals for financial and identity fraud.



Bio-ID Based KYC - Interoperable, Adaptable, & Compliant

  • Easy Onboarding on Personal Devices Self-service biometric KYC, ID validation, Liveness check-based new account opening, everything on own devices - makes the entire onboarding process smooth & easy.
  • Multi-factor BioSignature for the complete lifecycle Integrated bio-signatures make the onboarding smooth and ensure the further customer journey, e.g., transaction validation and payments are secure & fraud-free.
  • Trusted Identity-based Quick Loan Disburse Verified identity & background for quick decision support for Loan disbursement - Faster approval minimizes lost opportunity and the risk of bad loans.
  • Global Checklist Integration for Compliances Comprehensive coverage for global compliances through multiple checklist integration for AML, Sanction, Adverse Media, and Identity for comprehensive risk scoring.

Unified & Unparalleled Offerings

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Identity Verification Remote account opening and user onboarding through biometrics & paperless documentation, eliminating the need for physical agent validation.
  • Enhanced Security The integrated multifactor BioSignatures ensure that the customer journey, e.g., transaction validation and payments are secure & fraud-free.
  • Higher Efficiency Integrated self-service multifactor and multimodal biometric authentication methods with passive liveness to ensure faster & secure remote onboarding, resulting in better efficiency.
  • Easy & Interactive Admin Management A comprehensive KYC dashboard for managing synchronized KYC with mobile-optimization app tracking; & TruFace passive liveness for document checks to eliminate tampering.
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