Key Concerns

Complicated ID and Access Authentication

High Operational Costs

Issuing temporary IDs, setting up kiosks, security upgrades, etc., impacts the operational budget of organizations.

Lethargic Visitor Management

The visitor management system faces issues like manual form filling, discrepancies in document data, digital login, etc.

ID & Access Systems Threats

The login, check-in, and check-out process remains unsecured against identity theft and associated fraud.

Long Queues

The traditional identity and access management systems often create long kiosk login, check-in, and check-out queues.



Employee Time Shift & Visitor Access Monitoring

  • Passive Liveness
  • 100% accuracy even with new facial hair, obstructions, spectacles & sunglasses
  • Deduplication
  • Temperature detection
  • Multifaced recognition in single frame
  • Age detection
  • Search with photo criminal Identification
  • 1:1 & 1:N authentication
  • With mask recognition

Unified & Unparalleled Offerings

Multi-Factor Biometrics on Regular Edge Devices

  • A combinations of two or more factor bio-authentication, assuring the highest level of spoof proofing & authenticity
  • 1200+ unique features based analysis using a proprietary algorithm
  • Randomized authentication challenge provides an element of surprise
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