Making Visa Processing Journey ‘Simple’

Even in the modern world, visa processing has become cumbersome due to the long approval time, and the high possibility of rejection due to identity or photo mismatch. The validation process is also time-consuming for the authorities.

Biocube’s BioVisa is digital and is a state-of-the-art solution that makes the visa processing journey frictionless with contactless biometrics linked to traveler documents and a host of identity credibility checks that minimize the risk of identity thefts or fraud.

Key Features
Paperless Visa Application

Digital visa application linked with traveler’s biometrics and source/AI-verified documents on a single platform.

Minimizes Identity Frauds

Multiple biometrics, liveness detection, and source/AI-based ID validation to determine traveler authenticity.

360-Degree Profiling

Predictive AI-driven travelers’ profile analytics, risk scoring & easy decision support module.

Efficient & Secure

AI-enabled identity-linked self-service online visa processing ensures minimum turnaround time and operational costs.

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How Does it Work?

BioVisa makes the visa processing journey effortless for airport officials and passengers. It enriches the travel experience by offering a single platform for completing document verification and risk scoring.

One-time Registration

Digital onboarding with face, finger, or other biometrics, followed by passport photo verification from the source and via AI.

Submit Application

Travelers have the option to link travel, accommodation, or other details, and submit the visa application.

Scoring & Analysis

Realtime update on the visa approval authority admin panel with an AI based decision support system and risk scoring.

Status & Tracking

Get BioVisa & embedded QR code on email/mobile app, followed by status management and integrated profiling.

Key Benefits
Enhances Security & Safety

Easy monitoring and customized profiling with multifactor and multimodal biometric authentication methods minimize the risk of illegal migrants and identity fraud.

Exceptional User Experience

Real-time identity verification enables seamless visa processing, faster application results, and minimized visa center visits, enabling better user experiences.

Lowers the Visa Application Processing Cost

Easy integration of contactless biometric authentication eliminates paper trails and reduces the need for additional workforces, resulting in higher productivity and lower application costs.

Enables Making Better Decisions

Predictive analytics-based risk scoring and decision support AI to highlight impersonators and take real-time actions.