Channeling Event Attendee Journeys with Bio-IDs

The global event market is going to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028. The biggest problem corporate event planners face is budget, which compensates for a high CAPEX on security and access management. Biometric authentication reduces expense, heightens security, and improves user convenience during access.

Biocube’s bio-ID platform also provides event schedules, preferential treatment for VIPs, news broadcasts, and more.

Most Common Uses of Biometrics at Events:

Event Management
Empowering Event Attendees with Security and Convenience

Easy Onboarding with ID Linking for Event Delegates/ Visitors

Download our app from the Google Play Store and directly link your contactless biometrics (face, voice, or fingerprint) with AI-validated documents to create secure digital identities. Easily exchange business details via QR code-based visiting cards.

One Tap Event Registration & Seamless Access

Seamlessly authenticate your delegate access at entrance points and eliminate the chance of tampering via multi-factor biometrics. Effectively plan for the event by viewing the schedule, agenda, brochure, etc., and receiving event reminders on the app.

Offer Special Treatment to VIPs with IP Camera Access

Our self-service Digi-Assistant app incubates one-time biometric registration and grants access to delegates at the entrance points with real-time face matching in seconds. Ensure heightened security with recognition of unidentified/unregistered persons and red alerts.

Effective Channel for Feedback and News Broadcasts

Recognize attendee engagement via live polling, Q&A sessions, and social media integration. Effective broadcast notifications for delegates & visitors to keep updated about event updates. Option to submit feedback or grievances on sessions & the overall event.